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Mention Goa and the first thing that comes to yours or anybody’s mind is crazy parties, never ending night life, stunning beaches and a laid back vibe. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Goa has this image build for itself. The usual norm is that Goa is or should be visited by a group of friends, it is only then that one can make the most of this beautiful state. But Goa is a lot more than just parties and way beyond just friend-hang outs. Goa is definitely a good family holiday destination as it is for a group of friends. Families visiting Goa will certainly not return disappointed. The beaches, forts, churches and the shopping streets are perfect attractions of Goa that families will enjoy. From quiet dinner time at the shacks to taking a walk by the beaches, it is probably one of the best ways to have a good family time. Often, amidst every day routine life, we miss out on spending quality time with our families. So, don’t belong to this category and take out time for your family. And the best way to do it is take a holiday to Goa that has everything that a family vacation will need. We have listed down some of the best Goa family holiday packages so that you do not have to waste too much time figuring your itinerary. Some of these packages have a planned itinerary, while others just have the cost details. Before you confirm any of these packages, make sure you call the concern person and get detailed information. We are giving you just a glance of how a Goa family holiday package will look like. Also Read - Do You Have Celiac Disease? You May Die Prematurely

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Yatra Family Goa Family Holiday Package:

Yatra.com has several Goa tour packages for you to choose from. All these packages are ideal for families, couples or even friends. You need to make a choice depending on your requirements. If you skim through their website you will see that most packages are 4 nights and 3 days which are apt and sufficient to explore Goa. If you wish to extend your holiday, you could do the same and ask the travel agent to change your itinerary. Most of the packages of Yatra can be customized depending on your needs. For instance, if you want to include a certain attraction to explore to if you want to change the accommodation, you can get it customized. The prices will obviously vary post this. If you are too lazy for a customization, you can completely rely on the itinerary that they have provided for they can be very well trusted. Yatra usually has packages that ensure that you explore some of the best places of Goa.

The itinerary will see 2 days of sightseeing that will be planned by them and you will also get one day of free time where you will be left only our own. Some people make the most of this free time and set out to explore the place, while there are some who prefer staying back in the hotel and just relaxing. All the packages have been classified under a descriptive name and of all the packages we have listed out the Splendour of Goa Family package. And this is how the itinerary looks

The Splendor of Goa package is for 3 night sand 4 days and doesn’t come with a pre-planned itinerary. They will book your flight tickets and will also get one of the best accommodations for you. Your stay at the hotel will have complementary breakfast and dinner. Sightseeing isn’t included in this particular package. So that means all the three days you are at the leisure of exploring Goa on your own, which according to us is a great option. Usually the packages that travel agencies provide are group packages,. Group tours also mean exploring Goa with other random people. So if you prefer staying in a closed group, you should definitely opt for his package. You will be at the leisure of going where you want to and do whatever you want. Also there won’t be any scheduled time of departure or arrival while sightseeing.

Cost of Goa family holiday package: The cost of this package will be approximately Rs 16,000 per person. This will vary depending on the kind of accommodation you choose and also the time of travel.

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Thomas Cook Goa Family Holiday Package:

Thomas Cook usually charts out one of the best tour packages for Goa. They have packages that suit every kind of traveler. So if you have a tight budget or do not mind splurging out a little, Thomas Cook has just the right kind of packages. The prices for each of these packages are pretty reasonable. The flight ticket and the hotel price decide the cost of the package. They have several Goa family packages ranging from Vibrant Goa to Goa simple. Their website hasn’t yet updated the detailed itinerary. But if you choose a 3 night 4 day Goa package for your family with a standard accommodation, it shouldn’t cost you too much. Some packages have a pre-made itinerary that comes easy for many travelers. So with a pre made itinerary, you do not have to schedule or plan your day since that has already been done by them. The itinerary will include a day-to-day schedule with all the sightseeing places that will be explored. The transfers from airport till the hotel will also be taken care of by the travel agent. Some packages also have complimentary meals at the stay.

Cost of Thomas Cook Goa Family holiday package: The packages of Thomas Cook starts from Rs 3500 and go up to Rs 20,000. It all depends on what package you choose. So if you choose a 3 nights and 4 days package, it will cost you around Rs 6000 with no sightseeing option provided. The cost is that of flight tickets and the stay. So before you go ahead with the booking, please ensure that you have taken every information and clarity on their package option.

Disclaimer: Information gathered from travel agencies’ websites. iTripTo is not responsible for any changes made to these packages in their itinerary or price range. Please check their website before making a booking.

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