Delhi is experiencing a hazardous level of pollution these days. Post-Diwali celebration, breathing has become a bit difficult, especially for those suffering from respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, etc. The sky can be easily seen covered with grey smoke making visibility a low. The condition is so bad that the Delhi government has declared holidays in schools till November 5. Would you like you to breathe in this poisonous air? No right? Well, then pack your bags and escape to Indian cities with smog-free air. Not able to decide the place? Here we help you with that. Go through this list of fun-filled places in India without pollution.Also Read - Delhi's Air Pollution A Cause Of Concern Ahead Of First India-Bangladesh T20I


Situated at an altitude of 6948 feet from the sea level in the state of Uttarakhand, Chakrata is a small town. It is popular for its lush green coniferous forest, beautiful caves, and ancient temples. If you are seeking an offbeat peaceful destination in India, Chakrata is the ideal place to visit. The tranquil environment and picturesque beauty make this place a paradise. This popular camping destination is home to diverse flora and fauna. Also Read - Hair Loss: Exposure to Air Pollution Can Cause The Problem

Prashar Lake

Located in Himachal Pradesh, Prashar lake is known for its crystal clear blue water. This water body is known to have a saintly position in the state. Full of mystic charm, Prashar lake is situated amidst snow-topped beautiful peaks. If you just love tranquil places, Prashar lake is the place you must visit. This trekking destination has its charm due to Pir Panjal, Kinnaur mountain ranges, and jaw-dropping 180° views of the Dhauladhar. Also Read - Delhi's Air Pollution Has Decreased by 25%, Says Kejriwal


It is one of the perfect destinations that can satisfy your senses. This small town is located in Uttarakhand. Apart from the humdrum of daily life, Dhanaulti can provide you solitude and peace. If you are an adventure lover, you can indulge in trekking, mountain biking and ziplining in Dhanaulti.