The first edition of India Craft Week will bring the crafts of India together in a new avatar, so craft lovers brace yourself. You will see different kinds of crafts showcased under one roof; work from the finest artisans, designers, brands, international crafts awardees will be on display.

The event is being held to bring together the traditional and the contemporary; focused on spreading awareness about rare handcrafted products that are designed, developed, and made in India. The event will brings on board the finest of work, skills, creativity and imaginative journey from creators who have connected aspiration with need, desire with want, and crafted luxury with responsibility. It is an opportunity for everyone to get to know about the indigenous industry and their ancestors who have been practising it for centuries.

The event will take place at GMR Aerocity, New Delhi between 1-5 December, and along with the crafts will also showcase 100 paintings from India’s folk painting artists, several live folk performances, rare craft form that are at the verge of extinction, along with numerous craft workshop held by masters.

It is a great opportunity to get a sneak peek into evolving trends of homegrown products, textiles, furniture, home and interiors, lifestyle products, decorative art, and communication encompassing regional and folk styles. It’s a beginning of a lifelong marriage between urban and rural Indian sensibilities that have inspired generations of artists, designers, creative professionals, and individuals. You needn’t worry about the quality, authenticity, originality, ethicality, and sustainability of the products on display. It’ll be a fair show for all.

The entry tickets are priced at ₹ 500 per person for a day and ₹ 2000 per person for 5 days. If you attend the Workshop, you’d have to pay ₹ 2000 per person, per session which would mean you wouldn’t require an entry ticket for that day. Go for it we say!