Bangkok’s Restaurant Gaa, led by chef Garima Arora has been recently awarded its first Michelin star by the Michelin Guide Thailand. Mumbai girl, Garima Arora is incredibly humbled and proud that her restaurant has been recognised by the esteemed Michelin Guide. It’s a coveted accolade for sure, and being the first Indian woman to get this honour is definitely a big deal. Also Read - Thailand Imposes Nationwide Lockdown to Curb COVID-19 Spread

Restaurant Gaa launched in April 2017 and was born out of Chef Garima’s determination to synergize the connection between India and Thailand. She wanted to come up with something that people had never tried before, an establishment that stood by the belief that food should reflect the richness and variety of its land and the moment in time. At 30 she followed her instinct and took baby-steps to open her restaurant in Bangkok. At Gaa, the food captures the vibrancy of Bangkok and its amalgamation of cultural influences. Garima, along with her team explores interesting ways to transform local, seasonal humble ingredients into something that’s unheard of and completely new. Also Read - Thailand King 'Isolates' Himself in a Posh German Hotel With 20 Women Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

In the last decade before opening her own restaurant Garima did the smart thing of working with various chefs from across the globe: she worked with Gordon Ramsay in 2011, René Redzepi from 2013 to 2015 and finally with Gaggan Anand in the fall of 2015. She attributes her inspiration to the abundance of produce and incredibly rich flavours from the jungle and tribal markets of Thailand.