Spiti valley is the new darling of travel enthusiasts and with beautiful pictures floating on social media, the craze is increasing with every passing year. Spiti valley looks beautiful both in summers and winters but there are several reasons why a Spiti valley winter trip is a great idea. Also Read - Lockdown Travel Guidelines: Arriving from Maharashtra, Kerala? Check New Airport Rules

Extremely cold weather: If you are someone who loves winters and cold weather, this place is for you. The temperature drops to minus 20 degrees centigrade and even below. You will get to know if you really love cold weather as it tests your limits. But if you are someone who doesn’t like cold weather, Spiti winter trip is must for you. Once you come back after completing the trip, you would be proud of yourself for being able to survive that kind of temperature. Well, that was on a lighter note. Also Read - New Zealand Visa Office in Mumbai to be Closed in March, Read on

Lesser number of Tourists: Not everyone likes extreme cold and rough weather. So, this time of the year, fewer people go to Spiti valley. And thus, you can enjoy this winter break without being bothered by too many people around. Who doesn’t like clicking a picture with just the scenic background and no humans? There are fewer tourist vehicles on roads and so fewer traffic jams.

The snow paradise: Though greenery looks pleasant but white has a separate fanbase. Snow covers mountains, roads, roofs and pretty much everything and the entire area looks painted in white. You would wonder if there can be anything more beautiful than it.

Off-season rates: We low tourist inflow during winters, it becomes the perfect time to explore Spiti valley at lower cost as compared to summers when the rates are at peak. Right from hotels, home stays, cabs to tour companies, everyone charges lower in winters.

Experience Local Life: In winters, most of the hotels are closed and thus, it becomes a reason to stay with local people in homestays. You get to experience their lifestyle and how they survive in those harsh conditions. The home-cooked food is especially good for survival in extremely cold temperatures. Most probably you will land up making a lifetime memory.

In order to go to Spiti valley in winters, you need to first reach Shimla. From New Delhi, you can take an overnight HRTC bus and reach Shimla. From Shimla, you can take the HRTC bus and reach Reckong Peo. The Same bus takes you further ahead to Kaza. But if you are looking for a more relaxed journey, you can go with any tour company. Usually, these tour companies will pick you from Shimla and drop you back at Shimla only.