Flightfox - cheap airfare Also Read - SpiceJet, Indigo Sale: All-inclusive Domestic Air Tickets Starting At Rs 999

Chances are that you have not heard about Flightfox but it’s high time that you do! As flight rates become more and more competitive, people are always on the lookout for cheapest airfare. This is where Flightfox, an innovative idea that brings together the best travel experts and those in need of cheap rates, comes in. Flightfox is a website that basically offers consultative flight searching by allowing users to launch trips. Then, experts contracted by Flightfox find the lowest airfares and construct the best itinerary for these customers. The customer pays a flat rate fee to gain access to a consultant. With regard to the travel hackers, they compete to bring forth the most competitive fares and if their flight gets awarded, they earn a small commission. This way, it’s a win-win for everyone! ALSO SEE How to book cheap flight tickets Also Read - Did you know about Air India's Senior Citizen Concession?

The idea behind Flightfox is that travelers can save a lot of time and money by trusting travel experts to find them the best rates. This in turn helps travelers travel farther, wider, better and cheaper. Where Flightfox scored was that it believed human researchers are much better than automated systems at finding cheap airfares when it comes to customers with specific needs. There are many travelers who are looking for a tailor-made itineraries and have issues like unusual luggage. They work much better with an assigned consultant who is a approved researcher capable of finding the lowest fares, and quickest journeys for the customer while taking care of other preferences too.  NOW SEE Top 10 airlines in the world for 2017 by TripAdvisor Also Read - SpiceJet 12th Anniversary Sale: Popular economy airline is offering base fare starting at Rs 12!

Founded in 2012 by Todd Sullivan and Lauren McLeod in Australia, Flightfox now has a huge customer base and is used by many a travel hacker as well as customer. Its travel experts have an unparalleled understanding of everything from flight rates to industry news to loyalty programs and will almost always come through to meet your travel needs to perfection. These are people who spend hours every day searching for the best deals, making bookings and may be even traveling themselves. As such, they are really well-equipped to get you the best deals possible. You can get started with Flightfox here.

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