After the recurrent violation of a law that prohibits flying drones in the 500-meter radius of the Taj Mahal, the Agra tourism police is thinking to make people and especially the foreign tourists aware of the local laws. Notably, tourists from China, Russia, Korea, and the US have been mostly found violating the mentioned law. The drones have not only been spotted near the Taj Mahal but also around various other popular and significant monuments in Agra. Some of them include Mehtab Bagh, Mughal-era mausoleum, and Agra Fort. These areas have already been declared no flying zones and still, people are spotted doing that.

Recently, five Russian tourists were taken into custody after they were found indulging in flying a drone in no flying zone. The authorities released them after getting a handwritten apology from all of them. Notably, this act poses a security threat to the monument and the place as well.

According to the Taj Security Circle Officer, hoteliers in Agra have been asked to inform the visitors about the no-flying zone law in and around the Taj Mahal and other important monuments before they head toward them. Also, the tourism police will do the needful. They will soon start circulating pamphlets with the information about the no flying zone. And, warning signs will also be installed in five different languages, including Korean, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, and English.

In addition to this, a 52-sec animation film will also be played at the entry point of the Taj Mahal that will educate tourists about what they can do or should avoid doing in and around the monument, says an official from the Archaeological Survey of India.

According to him, visuals have already been put in and around the premises that clearly state that carrying or use of arms, ammunition, and drones are strictly prohibited inside the Taj Mahal.