Only 17 kilometres from Jaisalmer is a town called Kuldhara, which today is one of the most haunted villages of India. It was once prosperous but now, it lies in ruins and all that is left are various open houses in the state of decay. The deserted, narrow and ancient streets of Kuldhara are the source of myths, spooky folklore, stories of  the ghosts past and spine-chilling paranormal activity.Also Read - Rajasthan Zila Parishad and Panchayat Samiti Polls: First Phase of Voting Begins, 683 Candidates in Fray

Legend goes that, this village was once home to around 1,500 Paliwal Brahmins, that had comfortably lived in this community for more than five centuries. And then just like that, one night, the entire population, including 85 villages, was swept clear in the dark and nobody remained. There’s no explanation to date as to where those people vanished. Also Read - Bhawani Mandi: India's Unique Railway Station Which Falls in Both Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan

Some conjectures suggest that Salim Singh, the evil prime minister, known for his sinister practice of collecting heavy tax, had his eyes on a girl of the Paliwal Brahmins and wanted to marry without her consent. He threatened the villagers saying that if the marriage doesn’t happen, they will face the worst consequences. Instead of complying, the villagers chose their honour and vacated their houses overnight. Before leaving, they cursed the village so that nobody could inhabit it ever. Even after years of that incident, the curse remains because nobody has succeeded in staying here.. Also Read - Ban on Sale, Use of Firecrackers: How These States Take Strict Measures to Bring Air Pollution Under Control

For a traveller who is forever curious to unveil the dark, mysterious and spooky side of a place, this town won’t disappoint. The charisma of ghost villages is very different from that of ruined fortresses. Ghost villages give us a chance to look closely at the lives of the people who once resided there. In fact there’s one more village that has a rather spooky history. And that is the famous village of Bhangarh.

However, when you’re in Kuldhara, notice how mud houses after mud houses with ruined walls and no roofs, stand tall like the skeletons of an unfortunate past. From the date it has been deserted, the village remains barren, exactly how the villagers had left it centuries ago.