Rohru is a tiny hamlet located 110km away from Shimla, on the banks of Pabbar River. In case you’ve been to Shimla many many times for a weekend getaway or to unwind amidst pristine nature; you might want to consider Rohru, which is a rather special revelation in the hills. Rohru is most known for the clear waters of the river that are home to abundant trouts and thus, is an ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts.

There’s no right time to visit here; March to June are great when you want to beat the summer heat in the company of your loved ones; around July-August, you’ll witness verdant apple orchards bursting with apple blossoms; in late September, you can gorge on juicy apples fresh off the trees and between November to January if you’re a fan of freezing cold weather.

There are a lot of attractions in and around the tiny hamlet. You’d infact be hard-pressed for time when in Rohru. Here are the places to visit and things to do in the town that is situated 209km from Chandigarh.

The Pabbar Valley, famous for trout fishing, can only be accessed from Rohru and Theog. The valley is a sought-after destination mainly for trout fishing. It is relatively untouched by commercialisation, and the fact that you can relax and enjoy the view of the beautiful valley all by yourself, makes it a rather coveted spot.

The villages of Dodra And Kwar are situated in Rohru and are known for the myriad of medicinal herbs, beautiful wildflowers and rhododendron trees. These are ideal spots to have a picnic with the gorgeous Sharangcha Peak set as the backdrop for company.  Chanshal Pass is the link between these two villages and is perched on the Chanshal Peak that is present at an altitude of 14,380 feet; the highest point in the entire Shimla district.

The nearest railway station to Rohru is in Shimla, located only 57km away. And the closest airport to Rohru is the Kullu Airport, located 191km away.