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The world’s cheapest phone Freedom 251 has been taking India by storm. The phone has caught our fancy (we’ve already booked it online because… well, it’s just Rs 251) and we are dying to lay our hands on it. Also Read - New Single-Day Spike Record Every Day: 9,304 New Cases in Last 24 Hours | 10 Developments

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One of the reasons why Freedom 251 has been making waves in India is because of its pricing. Think about it, Rs 251! The list of things you can get fort Rs 251 is possibly smaller than the list of reasons you’d want to wake up on a Monday morning. And that is also why Freedom 251 is India’s newest favorite thing and also the best travel accessory we can think of.

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But what if we told you there are five places in India where you can spend the night for less than the price of Freedom 251? Yup! India is a lot more inexpensive than you can imagine. Sure, accommodation in the metropolitan cities can be quite expensive but there are several places in the lesser known places in our country where you can stay comfortably for less than Rs 251… for less than the price of a Freedom 251! S0, if you have been saving up for a smartphone that seems to be rather difficult to buy right now, you can spend that money at one of these amazing, inexpensive, yet supremely beautiful places of India.

(Psst. We’ve stayed at all of these places and they come highly recommended.)

1. Cherrapunjee, Hostel By the Way

Photograph: Insectotorious/Creative Commons

Photograph: Insectotorious/Creative Commons

On the way to Nongriat where the famous living root bridges attract tourists all year round, is a beautiful hostel called By the Way offering a clean bed, bathroom, running water to wash clothes, and a bonfire at night for just Rs 250 per might. The other backpackers from all around the world and their interesting stories is the cherry on the cake.

Tip: The closest alcohol shop is 3 km from the hostel and where most accommodation options are. So, buy your booze on the way and enjoy it late by the hostel’s bonfire.

2. Osian, Shri Sacchiyaya Mataji Dharamshala

Osian is a temple town with many beautiful shrines and dharamshalas for visitors and devotees. Stay at a small room with a common but clean bathroom costs Rs 200 per night. The Shri Sachiyaya Mataji Dharamshala outside the Jain Mahavira temple is the best choice.

Tip: The local bhojanalays offer great vegetarian food. You won’t regret eating here.

3. Kheerganga, The Dharamshala Saray


Nestled in the Parvati valley, Kheerganga is a backpacker’s delight. A five-hour trek from Barsheni near the Tosh village takes you to the hot water springs of Kheergnaga where you can relax looking at snow-capped mountains. Right next to the springs is a Dharamshala offering rooms starting at Rs 150 per night. Come further down and there are huts with clean beds and blankets and a common, clean bathroom offered on a mere Rs 100 per night. Take that, Freedom 251!

Tip: Carry a change of clothes for the hot water springs; you will regret not getting into the water.

4. Rewalsar, Nyingmapa Monastery


Rewalsar is a beautiful, unexplored hill station in Mandi with a serene lake surrounded by temples, monasteries and cute cafes. The monasteries here are inexpensive options for a comfortable stay. A lake-facing room in the Nyingmapa monastery next to the big Buddha statue costs as less as Rs 150 per night.

Tip: Do try out Emaho cafe and meet the receptionist Amit for suggestions of places to stay and visit.

5. McLeodganj, Most hostels near Dharamkot

Photograph: Vivek Thakyal/Creative commons

Photograph: Vivek Thakyal/Creative commons

Another place backpackers love in India is McLeodganj in the Kangra valley. As you walk from the main market towards Dharamkot, there are several hostels and homestays where you can stay for less than Rs 200 a night. No matter where you stay, a cafe with great coffee, Wi-Fi, amazing views and good company is always round the corner.

Tip: Meet the pleasant and friendly Tashi at the Tibetan Mandala cafe for a great meal and other travel and accommodation suggestions.

There are places to see, things to do, life to live… Would you still want to spend your precious Rs 251 on a mobile phone? Tell us in the comments section below!