Photograph: Shutterstock

Photograph: Shutterstock

The newest smartphone in the market, Freedom 251 is the current rage in the gadget world and there is absolutely no doubt why! As a part of the Make In India project, the cellphone company Ringing Bells launched the world’s cheapest smartphone on February 17. The smartphone is conceptualized and manufactured in India and is grabbing a whole lot of attention! Keeping in mind that a majority of Indian travelers these days depend on their smartphones for almost everything from booking tickets and finding accommodation, to translating languages and not losing track of directions, it makes sense to go for this phone. Quite a big bunch of travelers have been splurging on buying top notch smartphones (just by the way, this one looks like an iPhone) to fill in for maps and a camera apart from connecting them to their social network. However, there now seems to be a new, inexpensive toy in the market for all the gadget geeks and budget travelers in town. Here are six reasons why every traveler must have the Freedom 251. Also Read - New Single-Day Spike Record Every Day: 9,304 New Cases in Last 24 Hours | 10 Developments

1. It is indeed the CHEAPEST smartphone in the world!

Though a lot of travelers around the world are extremely careful with their gadgets, especially cellphones, with the Freedom 251, you don’t need to be worried about losing your phone. Two reasons to that, one: even if you lose it, at least you won’t be paying EMIs for a lost phone and two: you can be as adventurous while clicking pictures as you want to, a few scratches here and there won’t hurt as much as a scratch on your iPhone, right! Also Read - World Environment Day 2020: From Planting Trees to Controlling Industrial Waste, 5 Things One Should Continue Doing Post Lockdown Period

2. It has a year long warranty

Hoping that you are careful enough not to lose this phone, and yet something goes wrong with it, don’t worry, the one year warranty and the hundreds of service centers around India will make it easier to resuscitate your beloved phone. Also Read - Batsmen at Advantage if Nothing Allowed to Shine The Ball: India Batting Coach Vikram Rathour

3. Has just what a traveler needs and may be a little more

Getting to the important part, what exactly does the phone offer and why is it as lucrative for a traveler? Freedom 251 has Android 5.1 Lollipop as the operating system with a bunch of apps like Women Safety, Whatsapp, Facebook and Youtube already available. It has qHD resolution with a 4 inch IPS display which is pretty decent. It also has a 1.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor and 1GB of RAM that ensures smooth functioning of all your apps.

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4. Yes, you can click selfies

Though the phone was expected to have just the rear camera (3.2 MP), it will pleasantly surprise you with the front (3 MP) camera which cannot be complained about. Don’t worry about storage, despite having just 8 GB internal memory, there is a MicroSD slot in case you’re a shutterbug!

5. 3G, need we say more?

One surprise after another, the Freedom 251 lets you connect to 3G, allowing you to browse your way to glory and post every single detail from your #TravelDiaries.

6. Long running battery life

With the comparatively low powered processor, the 1,450mAh battery is estimated to run for a whole day on a single charge. Isn’t that the ideal case scenario for travelers! Though a lot of us are well-equipped with portable chargers, not having to panic about your phone running out of charge is a total relief!

So if we have managed to help you make up your mind, book the Freedom 251 right on The phone will take four months to be delivered with an additional charge of Rs 40. Booking slots are available only till February 21, don’t miss out on the opportunity of traveling with freedom in your hands, literally!