Photograph courtesy: Dmitry Lyakhov/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Dmitry Lyakhov/Creative Commons

Freedom 251 is the world’s cheapest smartphone and everyone who’s even remotely interested in smartphones is raving about it. Even as Freedom 251 is breaking the Internet (heck even we couldn’t stop ourselves from booking one) we also couldn’t help wish these seven things that were also available for Rs 251. Also Read - On Phone, PM Modi Discusses COVID-19 Situation With French President Macron

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1. A cup of coffee at Starbucks

When the American chain opened its flagship store in south Mumbai every single SoBoite had queued up outside Starbucks for a cuppa. And that wasn’t for no reason. The frightfully overpriced Venti Iced Espresso Frappuccino does have its fan following even among the lesser mortals such as us and we so do hope we could get one for Rs 251. Also Read - Reel Life Ram Arun Govil Watches Ramayan Along With His Grandchildren, Picture Goes Viral

2. Opening weekend movie tickets

If you, like us, are a sucker for all things Shah Rukh Khan and Bollywood, you’d probably know how large a hole you’d burnt when Dilwale released. And even as we are still paying our EMIs on the tickets (and cursing Shah Rukh and Kajol for that disaster) we also cannot stop ourselves from wanting to watch Fan when it hits the screen. If only the opening weekend tickets would be available for a price that doesn’t require us to sell our only other kidney!

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3.  A Selfie Stick

You’d think a selfie stick works would be available for less than Rs 251. But you will be surprised! Gosh this world is a cruel place, isn’t it? But then again you do have a phone available for Rs 251! All you need is someone as tall as Amitabh Bachchan to hold it while taking a selfie and you’re gold!

4. An Uber ride through the city

Do you remember the last time you spent Rs 250 on an Uber ride? Yeah neither do we.

5. Monthly first class Mumbai suburban railway pass

The only difference between the suburban Mumbai train’s first and second class coaches is the fare. A monthly ticket for the first class, which boasts of cushioned seats (which only a lucky few get during the peak hours), costs way more than Freedom 251. Trust us, we know!

6. 3G mobile data, 1 Gb for 28 days

This is perhaps the most ironic of all things: using a 3G data pack that costs more than the phone itself! What can we say? It happens only in India!

7. Gym membership

Ok we know this is a sore spot among so many of you but hey, think about it really, don’t you really wish gym memberships came as cheap as Freedom 251? Everyone would be fit then! (Yeah, right!)

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What do you wish was as expensive as Freedom 251? Share your wish list with us too! Post your comments in discussion board below and we will be thrilled to hear from you!