The historic city of Dwarka is the most celebrated as the ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna. It is popular and revered in today’s time as a pilgrimage in India. It is infact, one of the four Char Dhams (the sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites) and is visited by lakhs of pilgrims every year. Situated along the Arabian Sea in Gujarat, Dwarka is also one of the seven most ancient religious cities of India.

Besides its religious and historical significance, it is a hit among travellers because of its impressive architecture, serene beaches and breath-taking views. When in Dwarka, remember to pay a visit to the most prominent shrine, called the Jagat Mandir or ‘Temple of the world.’ Dedicated to Lord Krishna, this 2500-year old temple exhibits the Chalukya style of architecture—an elaborate five-storey main shrine that is supported by 60 columns and has ornate carvings on the exterior.

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Located just off the coast, the island of Beyt Dwarka is a must-visit for those on a pilgrimage to Dwarka. You’ll cherish taking a scenic ferry ride to this island which was once believed to have been the residence of Lord Krishna. This picturesque island now features a number of shrines dedicated to Krishna, along with beautiful white sand beaches, coral reefs, and adventure water sports such surfing.

Then there’s the quintessential Dwarka Beach and Lighthouse if you’d like a break from temple visits. The beach isn’t far from the city’s main temple and is great for a relaxed time and a smooth walk by the water. Explore the natural caves and cracks formed by the waves on the rocks near the sea. Located near the beach, Dwarka Lighthouse is a must-visit for the spectacular view of the Arabian Sea and the whole of Dwarka city. Once you’re up the tower you’ll see all the temples the city is so famous for: the Dwarkadhish and Samudra Narayan Temple on the left, and Bhadkeshwar Mahadev and Rukmini Temple on the right.