About 96km from Kolkata, Gadiara is a gorgeous spot for a quick monsoon getaway. Located at the meeting point of the three rivers of Hooghly, Damodar and Rupnarayan, it is essentially a town with a huge waterbody as its centre. Gadiara shares these water bodies with neighbouring towns such Haldia, Geonkhali and Nurpur on all sides.

If you’re planning a weekend getaway to Gadiara, make sure that all you’re looking for a simple, village experience with nothing but nature’s bounty for company. From watching the lights twinkle on the other side of the river, to catching a cocktail-coloured sunset go down on the river, the town is breathtakingly beautiful.

You can even go on long nature walks along the rustic village roads, or interact with the locals that have interesting anecdotes to share that make for great stories to take back with you. Then of course, what’s a quintessential Bengal town without some sumptuous Bengali fare. Dig into the fish curry here; you can get your hands on them at almost all the hotels in Gadiara.

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For a slightly more immersive experience, you can hop onto a boat or a river cruise that’ll take you to the other side of the town, which is Geonkhali. And if the tides are low, you can also catch a glimpse of an old fort that was built during the rule of Lord Clive, which is otherwise mostly submerged in water.

A major nearby attraction is Garchumuk. Situated at the confluence of Hooghly and Damodar, the undulating irrigation canal connecting the two rivers is the highlight of Garchumuk. The deer park in the vicinity is a must-visit if you’re a wildlife enthusiast or a photographer.

You can either take a bus heading to Gadiara from Esplanade (in Kolkata), or drive along the Bombay road to Uluberia and then take the local road to reach Garchumuk.