Photograph: Shutterstock

Photograph: Shutterstock

As Maharashtrians await the start of the Shravan month, they also look forward to celebrate Gatari Amavasya a day prior to it. Even though most of us know about Shravan, we may not have heard about Gatari Amavasya which falls on a moonless night before Shravan begins. Gatari Amavasya is the last day of the month of Ashadha and is on August 2 this year. Also Read - Narayan Murthy's Daughter Richer Than Queen, Husband Rishi Sunak Faces Flak For Hiding Wealth

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This is the last day of celebration before the month of Shravan begins that calls for some stringent practices. Many Maharashtrians who follow Shravan, eat only one meal in a day and refrain from eating non-vegetarian food and consumption of alcohol during this period. This is because it is believed that this month is the peak monsoon season when the risk of ailments is high so people eat light. However, in order to gear up for this month-long restriction, people celebrate Gatari Amavasya. Also Read - 'I'll See You in Four Years', Says US President Donald Trump Suggesting 2024 Presidential Bid

Gatari Amavasya is essentially a celebration to drink and eat to your heart’s content so that you don’t have the urge to do so during Shravan. It falls on a moonless night and people are generally awake and out all night to celebrate. Either people visit each others homes for dinner parties or go out drinking till the wee hours of the morning. Also Read - Do Not Fall Into Naive Belief that Struggle is Over: UK PM Boris Johnson on Approval of Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine

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The celebration gets its name from the fact that people drink so much that they pass out in a gutter. Drinking alcohol is a big part of the celebration and people will have to refrain from it during Shravan. Eating meat along with drinks is also the norm and not just chicken, people eat other varieties too.

After eating and drinking to their heart’s desire the whole night, people get ready to eat simple food for Shravan. Several eateries in Maharashtra bank on Gatari Amavasya to get good business during this celebration and keep their shops open for longer hours.


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