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Gatari , which is also known as Gatari Amavasya, is observed on the last day of  Ashada month, as per Hindu calendar, on a new moon day or Amavasya. This is a regional festival celebrated in Maharashtra and some parts of Goa and this year Gatari falls on August 2. Also Read - Malls Lose Rs 90,000 Crore in 2 Months, SCAI Seeks Adequate Relief

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Gatari is a popular ritual and is a celebration of joy and happiness. On this day people indulge in non-vegetarian food and alcohol with friends and family as many will observe fast during Shravan month, which begins from the next day of Amavasya. During the holy month of Shravan, people strictly abstain from drinking alcohol and non-vegetarian food. This is because, during this period when the monsoon will be at its peak, the stomach is said to be most susceptible to digestion problem. Also Read - Karan Johar Birthday Celebrations: Little Munchkins Yash And Roohi Cut The Cake as Mom Hirroo Johar Sings 'Happy Birthday'


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Therefore to get ready for the vegetarian food during Shravan, people on Gatari  Amavasya, a day prior to Shravan, enjoy different types of non-vegetarian food. Alcohol is a big part of the celebration. It is called Gatari because usually people drink so much alcohol and some even fall into gutters.

Gatari Amavasya is celebrated as Bhimana Amavasya vrat in Karnataka and Haryali Amavasya in Gujarat.


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