Marriage is a customary way of promising your life-long support to your partner. And the perfect start to your never-ending love is considered to be the honeymoon. Every couple looks forward to spending some quality time post the wedding amidst the serenity of mystic hills, gleaming lakes, and meadow of flowers.

Luckily, the world is dotted with exotic romantic destinations. If you are getting married this wedding season and looking for a perfect postnuptial getaway, here, we list a few destinations around the world that can help you flourish your romance and live your newlywed status to the fullest.

Santorini, Greece

It is an ancient place with a beautiful coastline, rich culture, and a piercing blue sky. Its old charm is something that can allure anyone. One of the major attractions of Greece is white-washed homes and stunningly looking blue-domed churches. Santorini is one of the best romantic destinations in the world. Located in the southern Aegean Sea, this Greek island has an outstanding view to offer. The dotting settlements in Santorini can make you speechless. If you are looking for a holistic experience amidst beautiful beaches, Greece is the perfect destination for you.

Seville , Spain

This quintessential city in Spain has a charm that can seduce you the minute you put your first step. The colossal Gothic cathedral, splendid palaces, and churches with European architecture will make you feel as if you have flown back in time. The city of romance, Seville oozes charm and elegance. Here, you can enjoy royal candlelight dinner by the riverside. You can also explore some of the attractive eateries in the cobblestone lanes.

Jammu And Kashmir, India

A paradise in the true sense, Jammu and Kashmir is popular for its picturesque view. Lofty Himalayan peaks, beautiful lakes, and meadows of flowers can give you an opportunity to have a rendezvous with nature. The tall pine trees and massive glaciers in J&K make the place attractive. If you wish to spend time with your partner amidst nature and its serenity, Jammu Kashmir is the perfect destination for you.