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We love to travel and explore all the wonderful destinations our planet has to offer. One of the biggest reasons we travel is to be amidst nature. No matter how rough our life gets, when we are in the lap of natural beauty we forget our worries. Every time we take a trip amidst greenery, we get back rejuvenated and ready to go, ready to face life and its harshness again. That is why it is extremely important to pause and reflect upon the importance of nature. Whether we are bankers, writers, actors, carpenters, farmers, dreamers, or anything else – we need to respect nature and everything it provides. (ALSO SEE 9 photos of model Gigi Hadid are inspiring us to hit the road) This point was wonderfully demonstrated by the stunning model Gigi Hadid who posted a couple of lovely photos with a touching post on Instagram. Have a look! Also Read - Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Congratulated by Gigi Hadid, Preity G Zinta, Sushant Sing Rajput And Other Celebs on Their Engagement

We are in agreement with Gigi! Let us all take a moment to celebrate Mother Earth and respect it so that we can continue to travel and explore it.