Gingee is one of the finest forts in Tamil Nadu today. It has truly stood the test of time; it has been around since the 9th century when it was under the stronghold of the Cholas, but the handiwork on the fort looks like those of the Vijayanagara kings who turned it into an impregnable citadel. The fortified city is built on seven hills, most prominent of which are Krishnagiri, Chandragiri and Rajagiri. Shivaji had called it the most impregnable fortress in India and the British too were impressed by its splendour and called it Troy of the east. Also Read - Chinese President Would Have Been Wearing Made-in-India Shirts If Our Workers Were Strong, Says Rahul Gandhi

Gingee is a place of great historical interest as well. Being surrounded by high walls on all sides, it was strategically planned so as to make the enemies think twice before they attacked. Strongly guarded by a triple gate beyond the summit of the Rajagiri could not have been easily attacked by any of the enemies. Today, however, the summit can be reached after a two hour trek; strenuous,  but well worth the effort. Also Read - Petrol, Diesel Prices Rise Yet Again | Check Rates in Various Metro Cities

Gingee Fort is situated at a short distance from the capital city Chennai, and right at the outskirts of Pondicherry. The fort is a testament of the grand past of the state and hence is locally also called the Senji, Chenji, Jinji or Senchi Fort. Explore all the exquisite interiors of the fort: the tanks, granaries, halls, and marriage halls.

The winter months from November to February are the perfect time to visit here. The temperature falls sharply; so if you enjoy cold, it will turn out to be a great trip. The nearest airport to the Gingee Fort is Chennai International Airport which about 160 kilometres away. The fort is merely 65 kilometres from Pondicherry.