A land of craggy mountains, barren landscapes and mystical beauty, Ladakh is also known for its pristine lakes. One of the most exotic places in India, Ladakh is a must-visit for nature lovers. The lakes here are known as tso and are best visited in the months of June to September. Here are the top ones that shouldn’t be missed at any cost:

Pangong Tso

This one’s the most famous lake of Ladakh and for good reason. As world’s highest salt water lake, it’s a treat to the eye and balm for the soul. Derived from a Tibetan word, Pangong means a long, narrow enchanting lake. They say that it changes colour every hour; from emerald green to turquoise to velvet blue. The lake attracts an incredible variety of migratory birds such as the rare black-necked crane, brahminy duck, and seagulls.

Tso Kar

A mix of fresh water and salt water, Tso Kar is therefore also known as the Twin Lake located south of Ladakh. A glistening blue lake with the majestic mountains as the backdrop, staying in a tent along the banks of the lake is highly recommended. It’s also a great place for bird-watching; the most commonly spotted ones are brahminy ducks, bar-headed goose, crested grebe, and black-necked cranes.

Tso Moriri

The largest high-altitude lake in the Trans-Himalayan region, Tso Moriri is also known as the Mountain Lake. Surrounded by lush green forests and snow-clad mountains, the shimmering emerald water of the lake looks straight out of a dream. It is one of the lesser explored lakes of Ladakh, and that is precisely what makes it such a delight to visit. There’s a Buddhist Monastery located nearby; a must-visit if you’re looking for some added peace and quietude.

The nearest airport from these lakes is at Leh, located at an elevation of 3,256 metres above sea level.