Goa is pretty much an all-year-round destination. Known for its vibrant ambiance, wide variety of nightclubs and restaurants, splendid coastline and lip-smacking food, Goa remains one of India’s most popular tourist attractions. No matter what time of the year it is, Goa has something for all kinds of tourists and travelers. It is one place in India where you will find a fine blend of backpackers, luxury travelers, honeymoon couples and even hippies. There is something about Goa’s beaches that instantly puts you in a holiday mood. Be it the calm and secluded Querim beach in north Goa or the hep-and-happening Palolem in south Goa, each corner of the state has a charm of its own. (DO SEE How to Reach the Secluded Keri Beach or Querim Beach in Goa) While every month in Goa is quite a unique experience, there is something special about the month of November. Many frequent Goa visitors will tell you that November is the best month to visit Goa. Here are 5 reasons why Goa in November 2017 can be a great trip idea. Also Read - Marathi Language Day 2020: Govt to Table Bill For Making Marathi Compulsory in Schools Today

Just the beginning of the peak season

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By December, Goa is thronged by travelers from all over the world. November is when the season is just beginning which means all the shacks and nightclubs are open and the crowds are still moderate. Also Read - Sara Ali Khan Rides Modified Tuk-Tuk as Brother Ibrahim Ali Khan Sits Back During Goa Vacay, Pictures go Viral

Weather is simply amazing



November is the beginning of winter in India. It is when you can roam around all day without having to worry about sun burns and the wrath of the scorching summer heat. There is hardly a better time for romantic beach walks and happy scooter rides around Goa.

Rates are not as high as Christmas and New Years


As you might expect, rates of everything from hotel rooms to motorbike rentals soar high during the festive season in December. During November, especially the beginning of the month, the rates are still under control and you can try to get good deals.

Great time to meet new people


Before November, there are not many people in Goa you can make an acquaintance with. And by December, there are too many. November is the month when you can expect to meet new people – travellers from other parts of the country and the world – and also make travel plans together.

High voltage events

Goa party

Thanks to the beginning of the tourist season, Goa hosts some amazing events in Novemeber to gear up for the upcoming festive month. This year too, there are all kinds of events – from speed dating to DJ nights – planned all over the amazing state. You will be spoilt for choice.

So there you have it! If you are wondering where to go in November 2017, the answer is something that your heart always yells out when you think of a vacation – GOA!