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Goa is a timeless holiday vacation. Visit this ultimate place at any time of the year and you will never return disappointed. Such is the allure that Goa has. Being one of the most preferred party destinations, Goa has always managed to live up to its image of being the most hip places for parties and beach strolls. The laid back nature of Goa, the good vibes, spectacular night life or the architectural marvels of Churches and forts, whatever may be your preferred choice, Goa is definitely the place to be, especially for couples. No better place than Goa that welcomes couples whole heartedly and let them have their share of private time. If you are looking forward to heading to Goa with your loved one, but do not know where to get started, we have listed down few Goa packages for you that will help you plan your trip perfectly. Goa makes for an excellent road trip too from all the leading cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi and also Bangalore. So plan well and head to this city that never ceases to amaze! Also Read - Fake News Busted: Jyotiraditya Scindia Never Added BJP to His Twitter Bio

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Thomas Cook Goa Packages

Most of the packages offered by Thomas cook are for 3 nights and 4 days. They all have been categorized under different names like Vibrant Goa tours or plain Goa tours. Each of these packages differs based on the accommodation you choose. So if you opt for luxury hotels, your package cost will increase and if you are okay staying in a standard hotel, your package cost will come down. You can contact the agent and ask for your choice of accommodation to which they will willingly customize your package. Else, you can also stick to the options that they provide. Under the Thomas Cook Goa tour Packages, you will be offered to explore several places and also some leisure time for you to just chill in the room. Most of these packages are either group or personalized. So if you want to be left alone, you can choose for a personalized trip. Your stay at any of the hotel will come with complimentary breakfast and lunch/dinner and they also provide a free pick and drop facility from the airport. If you choose to explore Goa on your own, the expenses will have to be taken by you. And this how the itinerary of Thomas Cook’s Goa package looks like:

Day 1: The first day, you will be picked up from the airport and transferred to your hotel. Once you reach the hotel, the rest of the day is for you to relax and unwind before you head out to explore.

Day 2: On the second day, after you have had your breakfast, you can set out for sightseeing that will last for just half a day and will be arranged by the hotel. This is a part of your package and you do not have to bear the expenses of this. For details about where you will be taken, you will have to contact them since their website hasn’t updated with details yet.

Day 3: The third day is for you to enjoy with your loved one. Once you have had your breakfast, you can either head out to explore Goa on your own or you can also stay back and just chill at the hotel. Couples can make the most of this time and unwind. If you are in North Goa, you can explore the stunning beaches like Baga or Calangute. Just keep in mind that these expenses have to be taken care of by yourself.

Day 4: The last day, again after having breakfast, you will be dropped off to the Airport and your tour will end here.

Cost of the package: The package cost ranges from Rs 3000 to 17,000 per person. The price also depends a lot on what time of the year you plan to travel and also the kind of accommodation you choose.

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Yatra Goa Packages

Yatra offers 3 nights and 4 days Goa tour packages for couples. They have been classified as Goa on Shoestring, Goa Super Saver, Vibrant Goa, Amazing Goa and so on. All these are different packages with regards to the itinerary and also the cost. So Goa on Shoestring means exploring Goa on a budget friendly price and Amazing Goa is a high end package that has luxury hotels and superior rooms. Some of the tour packages do not include your air fare and if you want that to be included as well, you will obviously have to pay more than the original price of the package. We have picked one of their packages to give you an idea of how it may look like. This is what the itinerary of Goa on Shoe string is:

Day 1: Arrive at the airport and you will be picked p to be dropped off at your hotel. This is included in your package. The rest of the day is for you to decide what you want to do. The hotel name will be provided to you when you choose a package.

Day 2: On the second day of Goa, you will be taken for a half day sightseeing. Goa being one of the most popular tourist destinations, there is no dearth of places of interest. As a part of this package, you will get to see places like Fort Aguada, Calangute beach, Candolim Beach and also Baga Beach. After you have explored these places, you will be taken back to your hotel and then you can relax.

Day 3: You will be checking in to a different hotel on this day for one night. The entire day is for you and your loved one. You could either explore the place on your own or choose to stay back in the hotel and enjoy the activities and facilities that the hotel provides.

Day 4: The last day is the end of your trip and you can check out from your hotel. There is a drop facility that will be provided.

Cost of the package: The cost of this particular package is Rs 8500. And for other packages the cost ranges from Rs 4000 to approximately Rs 30,000. The costliest ones are customized tour packages where you can choose your preferred sightseeing places and accommodation. If you do not want to pay at one go, you could also opt for EMI option that they provide.

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Make My Trip Goa Package:

Make My Trip Goa packages offer a wide range of customized packages for couples. They have one for the romantic ones and also packages that have adventure activities included like snorkeling and partaking. Such packages are for couples who are absolute adventure junkies. They have packages for 3 nights and 4 days and you can also change this according to your needs. Before you finally book your tickets, talk to them and clearly ask them of all the inclusive things in the quoted package. Some packages may not have airport transfers, while some may not have meals. So get all your doubts cleared before you get it booked.

Day 1: Reach in the beautiful city of Goa and from the airport you will be picked up and transferred to your hotel. Once you have reached the hotel, you can take a nap and just rest for a while. Later in the day you can head to any nearby beach for a stroll. You can try the local dishes that Goa is popular for and if you the traveling has not bogged you down, you can start exploring the city from the first day itself.

Day 2: On the second day, for all the adventure junkies, an exciting Grand Island Trip and Snorkeling awaits you. This is included in your package and there are a lot of activities that one gets to do in this. Spend a whole day partaking in these activities. This includes not just snorkeling, but also sea swimming, dolphin chasing and also thread fishing. You will be served with complimentary beer and cold drinks and also lunch at a secluded spot. After you have spent a day enjoying and making the most of these activities, you can head back to your hotel and stay there for a night.

Day 3: The third day is again for adventure activities. You might not be able to do every activity on one day and hence you can divide the Grand Island Trip and do other activities on the third day. Since the package also includes delicious food, you day is sorted and you can have most fun with your loved one. There is nothing better than doing adventure activities with your special someone. It will bring you closer.

Day 4: This is the last day of your tour which means there is nothing practically that you do on this day except for checking out and going to the airport.

Cost of the package: The cost of Make my trip Goa package starts from RS 6000. This particular package costs Rs 26,000 per adult. But you can opt for packages that cost less if you are on a budget friendly trip.

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Travel Triangle Goa Package

With Travel Triangle’s Goa tour package you can escape from your busy schedules and spend some quality time with your special someone. This tour package promises you the most memorable 4 nights and 3 days with unlimited fun and exploring the many gems of Goa. On this tour, since there is also sightseeing, there are many places of interest that you get to discover and explore. If this is your trip to Goa, you are in for a pleasant treat. Goa has never ceased to impress anybody and this you will know once you reach Goa. You can also enjoy the night life of Goa that is popular all over the country. A tour package of Goa usually has sightseeing on one day organized by them and a day for you to explore your own. So on those days, you can set out to the city on your own with your special someone. You can also customize this tour package if you are not happy with the accommodation options or anything else. Book this customizable tour package with Travel triangle and enjoy a flawless trip to Goa. This how the itinerary of this package looks like!

Day 1: On the first day, arrive at the airport and a representative will come to receive you and drop you off the hotel. You can relax for the rest of the day or make the most of your free time and leisurely roam around Goa. Explore their stunning, alluring beaches, a take an evening stroll in any of these beaches and also relish some mouth watering dishes. Goan cuisine is one of the best and most foodies crave for such food. If you and your loved one also are foodies, Goa is definitely going to be paradise for you. Return to your hotel and have a good night’s sleep to be all prepared for the next day’s fun that awaits you.

Day 2: The second day of your tour in Goa will include exploring the many gems of North Goa. Start your day by having breakfast at the hotel and then get set to embark on your fun day. A full day of sightseeing is what you will be treated to. You will be taken to see the ancient Aguada Fort which is a pure architectural marvel. From there, you will be taken to Coco Beach, Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach and Baga beach. These are the best beaches of Goa that is visited by many tourists every year. Baga Beach has some water sports if you are the fun loving and thrill seeking couple. The prices for each sport will be taken by you and is not included in the package. Calangute and Anjuna beaches are known for their allure and sun kissed sand. Spend some time here and taste the delicious food that is served on the shacks on these beaches. After a day of exploring such beautiful places, return to your hotel and that marks the end of your second day.
You can request to include the price of water sports in your package.

Day 3: On the third day of your stay in Goa, you will be taken to another part of Goa and that is South Goa. South Goa has more of beautiful churches and historical forts and monuments. So when in South Goa you can visit the Shantadruga Temple that is situated at Kavlem and also the Manguesh Temple at Priol. You both do not have to be non believers to explore such historical places. The architecture is enough to leave you awe struck. Because sightseeing is included, you will also be taken to other gems of South Goa like the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral which are two of the most visited attraction. From here, head to the Miramar Beach and the Dona Paula Bay for a relaxed time.
And now that you are in South Goa, make the most of this opportunity and go out shopping on the streets of Panjim. You can also busy something for you partner to add a spark to your already perfect trip. Among all this, you can sit for a quick lunch at any of the local restaurants. You can also enjoy the much known boat cruise at the magnificent Mandovi River which is another tourist attraction of this region. A boat cruise is an ideal way to end your Goa tour. Is there anything else you could have asked for?

Day 4: The last day, you will check out and get going to the airport. You will have a drop facility provided to where you go- Airport or station. This is the end of your fun filled Goa journey with Travel Triangle.

Cost of the package: The total cost of this Goa package is Rs 8550 per person. You can also customize this package and get the final quotes of your trip.

Goa has always been the most preferred place for all types of travelers whether you are visiting with friends, family or your partner. There is a lot to do and see in Goa and if you have been planning to take your partner out on a special trip to Goa, you now know that these are the tour packages that you can rely on. All the prices mentioned above may vary depending upon the time of your travel and also the kind of accommodation you choose. And you can choose a package depending on your budget since all these travel agencies have a wide range of packages that start from minimum to high end.

Disclaimer: Information gathered from travel agencies’ websites. iTripTo is not responsible for any changes made to these packages in their itinerary or price range. Please check their website before making a booking.

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