The Giza pyramid in Egypt, also called the Pyramid of Cheops or Pyramid of Khufu, has been a source of mystery for years. From how it was built to what lies within, people have been questioning and imagining the answers to these questions for centuries. The last time a chamber was discovered within the Great Pyramid of Giza was in the 1800s, but technology today has uncovered a new one, hidden inside the structure for millennia. ALSO READ: Photos of Thessaloniki That Will Make You Fall in Love with It Also Read - What? Egyptian TV Show Interviews Coronavirus Who Himself was Wearing Gloves

The oldest and most intact of the Seven Wonders of the World has kept its secrets for 5,000 years, but new technology that uses high-energy particles has helped scientists discover one of them: a hidden chamber that is being described as a ‘void’ around 100 feet long. Scientists working under the international ScanPyramids project, led by Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities, used an imaging technology called muon radiography for this crucial discovery. The technique can help us look deep into pyramids, volcanoes and ancient walls using muons, a type of cosmic sub-atomic particle that can pass through anything. Also Read - Egypt’s Former President Hosni Mubarak Passes Away at 91

The team found the cavity, roughly the size of the Grand Gallery of the Giza pyramid, a steep slanted passageway that leads to the empty tomb of the Pharaoh Khufu. The room of the tomb itself is around 153 feet long and 26 feet in height. The discovery of a new room of this size is huge, especially since the Giza pyramid was long thought to be fully mapped. Whether or not this void is a chamber or something else is yet to be seen. The team is searching for more data before they confirm. Some believe that this is a structure left over from the construction of the pyramid, or a frame to support the massive structure. NOW READ: An Ancient Egyptian Temple from the Era of Ramses II has been Found near Cairo Also Read - No Military Intervention Needed in Libya, Say Italy And Egypt

Until more tests are done, though, all this is just speculation. For now, we know that the Giza pyramid has given us yet another mystery, centuries after we though we had figured everything out about this magnificent structure.