India is the land of temples. No matter which state of the country you are in, there is a temple just round the corner. While it is impossible to visit all the temples of the country in one lifetime, you can certainly visit the most prominent ones. Most of these temples will leave you mesmerized with their architecture or their historic significance. If you are a travel enthusiast, chances are that you have already visited or seen photos of most of these temples in the country. (ALSO SEE 10 best historical monuments in India) Let’s test your knowledge then, shall we? Below are photographs of 5 prominent temples in India. Leave a comment with the names of these 5 temples. Let’s see how many of you can get all 5 correct! Also Read - Can You Guess The World Heritage Site in This Picture?


Temple 1


Temple 2


Temple 3


Temple 4


Temple 5

All the best!