The dispeller of darkness, guru or the teacher is someone whose knowledge brings new light in a student’s life. And to honor the guru for his unparalleled contribution, Indians and Nepalese celebrate Guru Purnima. It falls in the Hindu month of Ashad on a full moon night that is in June or July every year and this year, Guru Purnima is on July 19. It is a day to celebrate all teachers and thank them and express one’s gratitude for them. Guru Purnima is celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists in India and Nepal. But do you know why we celebrate this day? What is its significance? Also Read - SSC Releases Revised Dates For Various Exams, Check New Schedule Here

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There are several stories and teachers that play an important part in the celebration of Guru Purnima. From the birth of Ved Vyasa who wrote the Mahabharata and arranged the vedic hymns in four sections, to the day Shiva became the first guru or adi guru, reasons are many. Buddhists celebrate Guru Purnima because it is believed that Gautam Buddha traveled from Bodh Gaya to Sarnath after his enlightenment and gave his first sermon to his five monks on a full moon day in the month of Ashad that marks this celebration. Also Read - Romanian PM Pays $600 Fine After Pictures of Him Drinking & Smoking With Others Surfaces

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The significance of Shiva’s story dates back 15,000 years when he came to the Himalayas as a yogi. People did not know anything about his origin but were in awe of him. He did not move or show any signs of life and soon people began to drift away expect for seven men. These men wanted to experience what he was experiencing and waited for him to open his eyes. One fine day he did but he did not share his secret and only gave the men a preparatory step. These men prepared for 84 long years before Shiva opened his eyes and looked at them again. On a full moon day, he began sharing his knowledge with these seven men who became saptrishis. These disciples then passed on this knowledge to the world. Shiva shared the seven basic foundations of yoga with these men and Guru Purnima celebrates his becoming adi guru from an adi yogi. Also Read - EC Announces New Date, Says Elections For 18 Rajya Sabha Seats Will be Held on June 19

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Guru Purnima is also known as Vyasa Purnima as it marks the birth of Ved Vyasa. He was born to Satyavati and Parashara. He was the author of Mahabharata and the one who edited and divided the vedas into four sections. He also passed on his knowledge of the vedas to his four chief disciples making him a guru.

India celebrates Guru Purnima not just in the remembrance of these men but also to honor their current gurus for their contribution. From spiritual teachers to yoga teachers and to those who impart knowledge, Guru Purnima is a celebration to express our gratitude for all our teachers.


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