Snowfall is one of the magnificent things that make high altitude places white-carpeted heaven. Having a fascination for snowfall is common especially in those who have spent their larger parts of life in plains. Snowfall brings joy for some and problems for others. But in both cases, it adds to the natural splendour of mountains and various destinations in the north. If you have a lust for snowfall and want to shower your social media with splendid photographs, you must head towards these picturesque destinations.


A major hotspot for ice-skating and skiing, Shimla is quite popular for heavenly snowfall. It makes the place aesthetic. This is the reason Shimla is one of the most frequently visited winter getaways. Located at a distance of around 342 kilometers from the national capital, this hill station is an ideal place for snow buffs and enthusiasts.


Want to experience snowfall, pleasant weather, and get a look of picturesque landscapes? Visit Manali. Its sloping mountains and alluring blue sky, make Manali an ideal destination. Located amidst the great Himalayan peaks and beautiful valleys, this hill station is drop-dead gorgeous. While you are in Manali, don’t forget to visit the Rohtang Pass and Solang valley. Both the places will give you memories to cherish forever. In Solang valley, you can indulge in adventure sports including mountaineering, trekking, and skiing. October to March is considered the best time to visit Manali.


If you are looking forward to the ultimate experience, you must pack your bags and come to Ladakh. This incredible beauty wrapped in a white blanket of snow during winter will give you an experience like nowhere else. Though the place is knwon for giving you an uncomfortable stay, its captivating beauty is something that can make up for everything. When you are in this hill station, do go for Chadar trek. Also, visit Sham valley and BongBong La snow valley. Moreover, a visit to popular monasteries is something you can’t miss.