Mahabalipuram, the town situated 60 kilometers away from Chennai, has a unique rock called Krishna’s Butter Ball. Its a massive rock with a diameter of five meters placed on a relatively smooth sloped surface. According to the mythological legend, it is said that Lord Krishna’s undying appetite for butter is symbolized with this humongous rock.


It is proven that the position in which the rock is, cannot be natural. It is affixed on less than two square feet of space. Over a century back, there were attempts made to move the rock and push it down so that it does not harm anyone. This was  done with seven elephants, a failed attempt. Keeping in mind the slope around it, its a matter of confusion as to why hasn’t the rock slipped by yet. kbb2

The shape of the rock is not due to any given natural phenomenon. What causes one to be astonished is the fact that, if the rock cannot be moved down the slope, how was it pushed uphill in the place? Alien activity is one of the few speculations.