There’s no doubt about it – traveling can restore the soul and help us advance our careers, but it can (and does) wreak havoc on our internal clock, especially when we’re traveling over multiple time zones. Stay hydrated and keep to your normal sleep schedule to try to overcome the effects of jet lag, but keep in mind that almost everyone has to deal with it, no matter your age or reason for travel. However, there’s nothing quite like returning home and falling into a warm and delightful bed. If you’re going to struggle to lift yourself out of the grip of jet lag, there’s no better place to do it besides your bed. Also Read - Telangana: 2 Trainee Pilots Killed After Cessna Aircraft Crashes at Vikarabad

Jet lag can result in a bunch of different symptoms. Of course, it’s not a stretch to realize that jet lag can make you sleepy during the day; however, it can also cause issues in other areas of your life. Waking up early is one sign of jet lag – your internal clock has yet to adjust to local time, so your brain decides to rouse you at its regular time. Insomnia is another annoying symptom. You know that it’s bedtime locally, but again, your brain betrays you. Also Read - 5 Travel Trends That Have Picked up in India in Recent Times

Lack of energy, headaches and loss of sleep are the two most common ill effects. Other problems included disorientation and sore muscles, and dehydration. Less common symptoms, include constipation, especially since the condition can be aggravated by sitting still and not drinking enough water. Also Read - 5 Reasons You Must Pursue Your Dream Vacation Today

Here’s how you can fight jet lag and more by these simple and effective tips:

Prepare in advance

Travellers should stay healthy and well-fed before travel and prepare for the time jump by adjusting their bedtimes accordingly a few days before setting out. Also, stay hydrated, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and spend plenty of time in the sun after your arrival.

Know what suits you best

Different methods are successful depending on your generation: baby boomers should stay hydrated and take melatonin or other supplements for successful recovery. Generation X benefits from  napping and immediately reverting to a normal sleep schedule. Millennials usually take days off to recover and nap.

Drink the elixir

Although caffeine consumption and chugging energy drinks is done by many, but these methods aren’t always as successful. Because energy drinks aren’t always the Band-Aid people hope they will be. No prizes for guessing that it’s water that helps you recover the best. If that’s not done right, you might end up feeling the jet lag blues for around three days.

Use of melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone that’s already present in your body. It activates when the sun goes down, which renders us sleepy and ready for bed. It’s also sold over the counter as a supplement, which many people use to aid in sleeping issues.