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Umiam Lake is synonymous with Shillong, Meghalaya. It is a man-made lake that covers an expanse of 221 sq km; which makes it bigger than the country of Liechtenstein and American Samoa respectively! It is also almost 4 times the size of San Marino or Bermuda. The lake provides residents with water and is also their source of fish. Umiam literally translates into ‘water of tears’. The legend surrounding the name begins with two sisters who wanted to alight from heaven. During the journey, one of the sisters got lost, and the other sister was so torn with grief that when she reached Meghalaya, her tears wouldn’t stop flowing. Ultimately her tears formed this lake. Surrounded by coniferous forests, it is a truly special getaway for those travelling to Shillong. Here are a few reasons as to why you have to make a visit to Umiam Lake. Also Read - A Hill Station in The Northeast, Shillong Holds Wondrous Beauty For The Discerning Traveller

There’s nothing better than observing nature express her feelings and emotions throughout the course of the day. In the bargain, you feel calm and quiescent.

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Apart from nature, observe the fascinating goings-on in the daily lives of the people who come to the vicinity of the lake in search of grass, twigs and other things.


Go for a boat ride or try kayaking and water skiing. Anglers can also have a go here at this beautiful lake.


Stay at Lumpongdeng Island as it has a lovely little houseboat. There is no better way than to wake up to stunning views of the lake every day!


Spread the bonhomie by having a picnic or a pot-luck by the lake. Seated on the soft grass and gazing at the hills, the lake, and the greenery all around you, while tucking into some delicious food is definitely food for thought!