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When it comes to India, two things trump everything else: romance and religion. And if you are not convinced about the first, just look at the number of romantic movies that the Indian film industry churns out, year after year. Kings and invaders have come and gone, but India has always been a region of romance. And why wouldn’t it be; just look at the landscape of the country. From pristine, calm lakes to elegant palaces and ancient forts, and from scenic valleys to cold mountain peaks and an expansive desert, India has something that would make any traveler fall in love. And now that the monsoon has arrived, you may be looking to escape to a retreat somewhere with your loved one. Here is a look at 5 romantic retreats in India, from Airbnb. ALSO READ: Offbeat Airbnb stays in India that are perfect for nature lovers! Also Read - Do You Have Celiac Disease? You May Die Prematurely

The Villa Room, Tikona

The Villa Room in Tikona Peth, Maharashtra lies a little ways away from the popular hill station of Lonavala. The monsoon turns the Western Ghats of Maharashtra lush green, making it even more beautiful. The weather gets cooler than ever, firing up the romantic in everyone. The Villa Room offers great views of the Sahyadri hills in the monsoon. And while Tikona Peth lies near Lonavala, its distance from the more commercialized areas means that there is plenty of privacy on offer. If you are from either of the nearby cities, you can spend a weekend here with your SO relaxing and watching the clouds roll across the hills. Also Read - Entertainment News Today April 9, 2020: Zoa Morani Feels Much Better, Says She is Responding Well to The Treatment

The Water House, Jaipur

The Tree House Resort Jaipur, Photograph Courtesy: Facebook

The Tree House Resort Jaipur, Photograph Courtesy: Facebook

The Water House or Tree House resort is located in Chandwaji, opposite Amity University in the Nature farms, tucked into the Syari Valley forests. The quiet forest setting is very different from the hustle and bustle and crowd of Jaipur city, and offers plenty of privacy to enjoy some moments alone with your loved one. There are the usual amenities, including a tea and coffee maker and a mini bar. The property has plenty of activities to offer for the intrepid couple, including camel rides, jungle safaris and bird watching tours. A swimming pool is available, along with a small golf range, tennis court, nature gym and an archery range. You can spend your time relaxing in the Water House or opt to explore the nearby sights of Jaipur, including the City Palace , Nahargarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jaipur Zoo and Amer Fort.

Aloha on the Ganges, Rishikesh

Aloha on the Ganges is a retreat that lies in Tapovan, Rishikesh, amidst the lower Himalayan valleys in Uttarakhand. As the name suggests, the retreat lies along the banks of the holy river and offers plenty of space to enjoy the view. There is a lot to do here, too, like organic spa treatments, signature Ayurvedic therapies, yoga sessions and meditation. Given the setting, there are plenty of spiritual activities as well, including Havans and Ashram tours. For those who find peace in adventure, there are also river rafting and other activities on offer. And if you would rather just relax, the retreat and the areas around it offer plenty of space to go for picnics, bicycle rides and walks. ALSO READ: Top 8 luxury Airbnb stays in India

The Glass House, Indapur

Located in the Indapur region of Pune district, Maharashtra, the Glass House is a luxurious villa on rent and a great destination if you want to watch the monsoon rains drench the Western Ghats while being pampered. Located in the midst of the Tala hills and besides the fort named after them, the Glass House lies around 150 km or three hours away from Mumbai and 130 km or 3.5 hours from Pune. The villa offers clear views of the hills, and is built on stilts. From this two-level tree house, you get an unobstructed view of the terrain and the sky. You can cozy up with your better half and enjoy the rains in the private balconies.

The Tree Hopper, Indapur

We have another entry from Indapur: the 1,000-square foot Tree Hopper Villa. This one is also located in the Tala Hills like the Glass House. Lying nearly at the topmost point of the hills, the Tree Hopper overlooks the edge of a cliff and offers breathtaking views of the Ghats. It lies nearly the same distance from Mumbai and Pune, and makes for smaller and less costly alternative to the Glass House. In fact, the two are even hosted by the same person. the Tree Hopper is roughly half the size of the Glass House, but it offers a similar ambiance of quietude. If you are choosing between these two, you cannot go wrong with either one. NOW READ: 5 beautiful and offbeat Airbnb stays in Goa worth ditching hotels for!

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