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Nobody needs to tell that India is full of exciting and enticing destinations to travel to. From the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas to the dense forests of the Northeast and the backwaters and beaches down south, there is so much to explore in this country. And it’s understandable why you would want company in your travels; it is always nice to have someone around to travel and share your experiences with. But you should serious consider going on a solo trip, because traveling alone is a completely different and enriching experience in its own way. It is a different feeling to get up all alone in a place you know nothing about, and getting out and planning out your day on your own. Here are some reasons for you to go on a solo adventure right now. ALSO READ: 5 best places for solo travelers in India Also Read - SNT vs BRG Dream11 Team Prediction Portuguese League 2020: Captain, Vice-captain And Football Tips For Santa Clara vs Braga Sporting Today's Match at Estadio de Sao Miguel, Ponta 11.30PM IST

You trust yourself and become self-dependent

With nobody else around you, you will quickly learn to depend on yourself and work better. Whether it is packing better or folding your own laundry and organizing yourself, you will be doing it all on your own, and you will find yourself more accepting of what you do and wear. You also learn to organize your own finances to avoid spending too much money, and you quickly learn to stay safe in all circumstances. Also Read - MTB vs MFE Dream11 Team Prediction, Vanuatu T10 League 2020: Captain And Vice-Captain, Fantasy Cricket Tips MT Bulls vs Mighty Efate Panthers at Vanuatu Cricket Ground June 6 7:30 AM IST Saturday

You will come face-to-face with big emotional moments

Along your journey, you are going to face a lot of big moments. You will stumble and fall, get frustrated, miss your friends and family, and pick yourself up from all of these things and keep exploring. Dealing with these emotions and getting overwhelmed, in a good and bad way sometimes, are all part of the solo travel experience. It connects you to emotions otherwise hidden away in your regular life and interactions with others.

You learn to talk to people

Going on a solo journey will expose you to all kinds of people along the way, and your interactions with them will help you learn more about other cultures and ways of life. In the end, you can become better in holding pleasant and positive conversations with people, and remaining calm and composed even when things are not going your way. You can learn how to build friendships and relationships faster, and even pick up bits of new languages along the way. CHECK OUT: Flying Solo: 5 essential tips to travel alone


You choose your own path

A trip on your own means that you chart your own course, make your own plans and create your own path. You get make plans, book your tickets and create your own memories, without waiting for anyone or hurrying up or slowing down for others, or changing things for someone else. What you do and experience is in your own hands, and it is very empowering.

You come to realize the scale of the world

While traveling solo is empowering, it also shows you the sheer scale of your country and the world in general, and not just geographically. You’ll find people of all walks of life, and the lessons you learn can make you more humble and open. It will also strangely make you more confident about yourself and more aware of your strengths. NOW READ: 10 important tips every solo female traveler must read!

In the end, traveling alone can hugely improve your state of mind, making you more mature, emotionally capable and open to others. It also makes you wise, so take the leap then next time you find your mind wandering off to a far-away destination.