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The very mention of Goa conjures up images of beaches, parties, music, food, palm trees, and loads of tourists. It is the one destination in India which is as popular with foreign travelers as it is with Indians. The peak season in Goa is usually November to February. From students to honeymooners and families, Goa welcomes everyone and anyone. There’s Christmas, then there’s New Year’s Eve and in the New Year, there’s the annual Carnival. But there is a lot more to Goa than what meets the eye in other months of the year too. Monsoons in Goa are magical, sure but March isn’t a bad month to visit Goa either. Also Read - Goa Vibes in Maharashtra: Beach Shacks Similar to International Seaside Destinations Will Woo Tourists

For quite a few reasons, March actually can be the best time to visit Goa. Here are eight: Also Read - Coronavirus in Goa: State Registers Its First Casualty, 85-Year-Old Woman Passes Away

1. Most of the party-crazy tourists disappear and get back to their routine. So, the only ones remaining are travelers who are there for the experience.


2. All shacks and major tourist attractions remain open even though the peak season ends in February, but you get much better service as there are fewer guests.


3. While the weather is hot and humid, it is still not as hot as it gets in April. March is a pretty good time for a tan, actually!


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4. Prices during the peak season are exorbitant but they come back down to normal at the beginning of March and many hotels and homestays offer attractive prices.


5. Even the most luxurious resorts and hotels which are usually booked during November through February become available and also offer discounts. The best thing to happen for couples looking for quick getaways!


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6. The rent for two-wheelers! The best way to explore Goa costs much lesser post-February. So, you can rent bikes for more number of days and go on longer rides.


7. The Shigmo festival, which is Goa’s answer to Holi, takes place in March and is a great celebration to be part of.


8. You can take a quiet walk on the beaches or in the streets of Goa and let the place sink in without being disturbed by too many hawkers or salesmen.