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Relationship goals are so much in trend that every other couple looks for new ways to spend time and do new things together. However, in an era of smartphones and technology, most couples forget to enjoy the basic essence of life. Relationships die a slow death because of a lack of time and communication. So, before your relationship enters the danger zone, take some time off and spend quality time with your better half. If long weekends and journeys do not fit your schedule, you can also opt for one- day picnics in or near Mumbai. More often than not, couples feel restricted to express love in Mumbai, considering the stares and glances that come from aunties and uncles.  So take a look at 10 of the most sought-after resorts near Mumbai for couples that will let you enjoy your private space. Also Read - Fire Breaks Out at Mumbai's Exchange Building That Houses NCB Office Probing Drug Angle in SSR Case

1. Lagoona Resort

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If you wish to be at a far-off place, away from all the city’s noise and chaos, Lagoona Resort is one of the best places you could opt for. India’s first eco-friendly resort, Lagoona resort is ideal for a rejuvenating stopover. Along with tranquility, what else you get here are rooms with modern amenities.  They also serve multi-cuisine dishes which means you are not restricted and have a chance to explore. Good food, serene environs, spacious rooms and friendly staff awaits you at Lagoona Resort.

Distance from Mumbai: 85 km

2. The Machan Resort


To do something different than usual, The Machan Resort is one place that every couple must visit.  This resort has tree houses that are situated almost 30 to 45 feet above Jambulne, which is an isolated forest in the Sahyadri hills. The view from these beautiful tree houses is the quaint splendor of Jambulne.  The best part about this resort is that it runs only on sustainable resources and was designed in such a way that there is no harm to the environment.  You also get to choose from three different types of Machans; The Heritage Machan, Canopy Machan and the Forest Machan,  each with distinctive features. This resort will treat you to a beautiful experience.

Distance from Mumbai: 97 km

3. The Dukes Retreat


Situated amidst stunning nature and on the edge of a 500 feet cliff, The Dukes Retreat offers you comfort, peace and luxury. A pool if you wish to take a dip and rooms with many facilities will make your stay here the best one. Your better half and you will get all the privacy needed. Together you can enjoy the beautiful views of Khandala sitting in Panorama cafe which is on the terrace. And if you are a couple who enjoys doing fun stuff, they also have many recreational activities for you. Going back home is something that won’t occur to you after a stopover in Dukes.

Distance from Mumbai:  78 km

4. Cloud 9 Hills Resort

cloud 9 hills

The calm and serene stillness of nature and lush greenery all around is what you are treated to at the Cloud 9 Hills Resort.  This place has zero pollution and you can actually breathe fresh air and that makes it an ideal place for couples who otherwise spend a maddening time in the city. Cloud 9 Hills like the name suggests is perched at a height of 1500 above Lonavala amidst floating clouds. It is situated on the Amby Valley road and at a distance of 4 km from Lion’s point.  You can also engage in recreational activities like badminton, table tennis dance the night away with special DJ nights arranged for guests.

Distance from Mumbai: 98 km

5. The Hidden Village Resort

hidden village

Standing true to its name, the Hidden Village Resort is an ideal place for couples who want to seek respite from their hectic schedules in the company of woods and untouched nature.  This is a one-of-a-kind resort that also has a freshwater pond for swimming and this is a major attraction spot.  This village has been set up in a very basic manner and yet remains very beautiful. You can choose from a tribal house, camp house or crest house.  They have indoor games and you can challenge your better half for a game of table tennis or fuss ball. Make the most of all this and spend a good time with the love of your life.

Distance from Mumbai: 85 km

6.The Upper Deck Resort:

the upper deck

Overlooking the Valvan Reservoir and also the stunning Rajmachi Fort in Lonavala, The Upper Deck Resort like the name says, is situated at an elevated height of 2500 feet. One of the best resorts near Mumbai for couples, this resort is the perfect choice for those looking for solace and comfort away from the city life. With lush greenery all around, the accommodation here is plush and a stay with them is sure to rejuvenate you and your relationship. Places like these are ideal for couples especially if you are visiting during the weekend. This resort has many activities arranged for weekends like magic shows, DJ nights, mimicry shows, karaoke and many more. If life for you has been monotonous, this is the perfect choice for you to take your better half to.

Distance from Mumbai: 104 km

7. Fariyas Resort

fariyas 1

If you don’t mind splurging a little, then Fariyas Resort, a 5-star hotel is one of the best resorts for couples. Offering the best accommodation with the finest service and friendly staff, you will have no complaints from this place.  The interiors of each room have been done intricately which makes your stay warm and cozy and with a private balcony, you get a view of the magnificent Frichley hills. And if both of you share a common love for food, then this resort is a paradise for you. They have a restaurant named The Fusion that serves both regional and oriental cuisine and The Tavern, bar offering you some of the finest mixes. Enjoy a quiet day or two in this resort for a happy time with your loved one.

Distance from Mumbai:  84 km

8. LeFarm


LeFarm provides a perfect holiday stay over weekends for couples. An ideal romantic getaway, LeFarm is situated in a very quaint village with a minimum population.  A stay here is going to work wonders for your relationship.  Also being situated on the backwaters of Vadivale Land, this makes for a perfect weekend spot with your loved one to enjoy a quiet and romantic dinner in each other’s company. This resort is in Kamshet, Pune district and travelling to this place is easy.

Distance from Mumbai: 110 km