If you an independent business man or woman, then it’s a given that you have to travel frequently. And unlike in a corporate job where you don’t have to worry about the budget because there’s a fixed amount kept aside by the admin or the travel desk taking care of all the bookings, self-employment doesn’t offer these perks.

You have to be your own admin and financier. Even if your clients are paying for the travel, if you’re the one searching for all the flights and hotels within the budget, you’d realise it’s not an easy task.

Here are a few useful tips for those making quick biz trips across India:

Be smart while booking your flight

Don’t book last minute flights; they’re always expensive. Always take the first flight out, the one in the wee hours of the morning. You will reach your destination way before time, but you can always go to a nice cafe and treat yourself for some coffee and breakfast. Or you can lounge in the airport. Also remember to redeem your frequent flyer points and/or credit card points as well as check for some domestic flight booking coupons for some discounts.

Data connection

We may think buying a data card is what’s going to be best for us, but no, here’s something more convenient. Tap into the Wi-Fi available in airports and hotels and cafes. Yes, they work. Sometimes they might be a little off, but mostly they serve the purpose well. There’s of course your own cellular data that you can use on your laptop. If however, you’re travelling for over 5 days, get a data card.

Intercity transport

Avoid booking taxis from the airport; we’ve all noticed how expensive it gets wen we do it. They rent taxis on a premium rate. Instead use Uber and Ola wherever possible. They’re a great way of travelling in a new as well as a familiar city. They also provide options of hiring a cab for the whole day in case you have too many places to cover in a day.  Finding details of travel companies or cab operators is not difficult at all, thanks to the online world. There are plenty of them out there offering competitive rates.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel chains like Oyo, Zo and even Air B&B’s (if you have a streak of adventure in you) offer some really comfortable hotel rooms. They offer you a clean and safe room, basic bed and breakfast, enough for a biz traveler who in all honesty spends only a fraction of their day at the hotel. Thanks to all the online travel sites, booking a nice hotel room is far more easier now than before.  Especially if you couple them with your flight tickets, you could land some great deals for a night or two at these hotels. Always ask for airport transfers and deals on meals as well.