Recently, the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Government of India released the new rules of flying and your rights as a passenger. The written grant includes everything from flight delay, cancellation to loss of baggage and injury. Here’s what you should do if you’re stuck in an emergency situation:

Flight delay 

You’re entitled to a free meal or refreshments if your flight delay is as long as the flight’s block time (time taken by a flight from the departure gate to arrival at the destination gate) or more. Also, if your domestic flight is delayed by more than 6 hours, the airline is bound to offer you an alternative flight within 6 hours or a full refund on your ticket.

Flight cancellation

Suppose you’re informed of the cancelled flight anywhere between 15 days to 24 hours before the scheduled departure, you are entitled to an alternate flight or a refund on the ticket. If you’re not informed within this time frame, the airline should either provide an alternate flight that is acceptable to you or compensation plus a full refund.

Lost, delayed or damaged baggage

If the loss, delay or damage of your baggage happens onboard the domestic aircraft or under the airline’s charge, you can claim upto INR 19,000 for baggage and INR 350/kg for cargo.

Travelling with a disability

If you have provided all the necessary information on your disability at the time of booking, at least 48 hours before scheduled departure, no airline can refuse to carry you, along with your assistive devices and escorts. If it does, it needs to provide you with proper reason in writing. Also, you’ll be provided convenient seats and relevant aid at no extra cost, plus your baggage will be a priority.

Death and injury on flight

If the injury or death on board is due to natural causes, the airline is not liable to pay compensation. In case of death due to unnatural causes, the airline is liable to pay up to INR 20 lakh per passenger.