It’s no surprise what a mega affair the Kumbh Mela is. And this time, Prayagraj, earlier known as Allahabad, is at the centre of it. Millions of people are ready to head to the holy festival that takes place right at the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati river. Beginning from January 15 to March 4, 2019, are said to be the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar. A dip in the holy waters at the confluence is said to absolve one of their sins and free them from the cycles of rebirth. Legend has it that during the war between the gods and demons over the precious nectar of immortality, a few drops of nectar fell upon four places—Haridwar, Prayagraj, Ujjain and Nashik—imbuing these places with mystical powers. Also Read - Name And Shame Hoardings in UP: Allahabad HC Takes Suo Motu Cognizance, Hearing at 3 PM Today

Apart from taking a self-purification dip at the Triveni Sangam that is believed to eternally bless the bathers, here are things that you must experience to make it a complete trip. Remember to see the holy tree of Akshayavat; legend has it that when asked to prove his power, Lord Narayan flooded the world and only this sacred fig tree remained above water level. Get in some quiet time with a session at one of the many yoga camps held at Baradari Ghat, right at the bank of the Yamuna. Experience one of the grandest evening aartis you’ll ever see at Ram Ghat. Also Read - PM Modi Distributes Assistive Aids To Senior Citizens in Prayagraj, Says 'Govt Committed to Work For Everyone'

You could also venture out of the ghats and explore the magnificent Allahabad Fort built by Mughal Emperor Akbar. The fort is also home to the gigantic Ashokan pillar dating back to 232 BC. Visit this mysterious Alopi Devi Temple where a wooden cot is worshipped instead of a deity. The temple is said to be the spot where Lord Shiva’s dead wife Sati fell. Take a ferry ride across to the other side of the Ganga to visit the fascinating upside-down fort called Ulta Qila. Also Read - From 'Allahabad' to 'Prayagraj': SC Issues Notice to Yogi Adityanath Government Over Name Change

What’s a trip to the heart of Uttar Pradesh without getting a taste of the local cuisine. Head to Mutthi Ganj, an area teeming with fast-food eateries and decadent thalis. You could even add a touch of glamour to your trip by staying at tents that offer mesmerising river views, organic cuisine and a vibrant ambiance.