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Ramadan, the holy month of Islam is considered highly sacred for Muslims all over the world. They observe a fast on all days of this month and end it with a grand celebration during Eid-ul-Fitr. Ramzan is celebrated on a grand scale by Muslims even in India and Iftar parties are quite common in several regions of the country. Even though it is celebrated by Muslims living in different parts of India, the main hubs in the country include Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Hyderabad. If you want to witness the true spirit of Ramadan in India, flock to any of these places. Also Read - Tips to Get Your Diet Back on Track After Ramadan Fasting

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Ramadan is more of an observance than a celebration as Muslims fast the entire day for a month. This fast is not an easy one as it involves not eating or drinking anything for long hours. Only those who are unable to fast due to health reasons are exempt from Ramadan fasting. Otherwise, according to Islam, all Muslims should observe it including kids after a certain age.

Right from the first day, Muslims wake up before sunrise, bathe and then eat something. This meal is called Sehri and it has foods like dates, milk, etc. to help them survive the day without food. They aren’t allowed to drink water during the day. The fast ends every day in the evening after sunset. This meal is called Iftar.


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Iftar parties are very popular and are a place to meet family and friends and have a feast with them. There are all traditional food items during Iftar including biryani, kebabs, haleem, shorbas and more. Many non-Muslims also attend Iftar parties and enjoy a hearty meal. In India, there are several places where one can go to enjoy Iftar food during Ramadan.

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Apart from fasting the entire day, Muslims also go to the mosque and offer prayers. This is the holiest month of Islam so people make sure they pray to the almighty to seek his blessings. Mass prayers are held where several people gather to pay their respects. Women and children too pray during Ramadan and there are also fairs organized where kids can enjoy.

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During the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims in India and the world over abstain from worldly pleasures as this is a holy month. One significance of celebrating Ramadan is also to learn self-control. After the month of fasting ends, a grand feast takes place.

Another aspect of Eid celebrations in India is that a Bollywood movie often starring Salman Khan releases. People wait in anticipation to catch this film in theaters on the first day itself.