With all the distractions and hassles of air travel, sleeping on planes can sometimes be a bit of a task. If you struggle to get some shut-eye each time you take a flight, here’s what you can do; from choosing the right seat to making a few small changes in your flying habits could help you sleep better on your next flight.

Choose your seat wisely

While the aisle seat is tempting courtesy the extra leg room and easy access to the gallery and lavatory; if you’re intending to get some sleep, go for the window seat. It will give you something to lean against and exercise control over the window shade.

Skip the caffeine

Whether it’s a day or a night flight, if you have copious amounts of caffeine, you’ll find it very hard to fall asleep. Steer clear from carbonated drinks as well, and load up on water and juice to stay nice and hydrated and ready for sleep.

Bring your own blankets and pillows

If the flight doesn’t provide blankets and pillows, or you’re doubtful about using them, bring your own. Especially if it’s a really long flight. A travel blanket not only keeps you warm but can also double up as pillows, or even a footrest.

Do your best so you’re not disturbed

Notifying your flight attendant in advance to not disturb you when the drink or snack cart comes may help you get some nice sleep. Also, keep an eye-mask on you at all times; the light from the movie screens, laptops, reading lights, cabin lights, and even the sunlight can really get in the way of you and your slumber.

Dress comfortably

It’s impossible to predict, whether your flight will be too cold or too hot, or anywhere in between. So wear layers, and take them off or keep them on according to your needs. Also wear loose, breathable fabrics, for extra flexibility and comfort. Wear shoes that you can slip off and on easily, so you can free your feet when you want.