One of the main things on our mind while booking a flight ticket is to get a nice, comfortable seat on the aircraft. The efficiency and service are secondary, because unless we’re seated comfortably, no amount of service would make us happy. Therefore, to ensure that you don’t land up in the worst seats on the plane, here’s what you must do.Also Read - Essentials Every Camper Must Have While Being Out In The Wild

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You’d say the middle seats are the worst, because who likes to be crammed in the middle like a sandwich with neighbours forever encroaching on your armrests and into your space. But there’s scope for even worse seats on the aircraft; and you’ll generally find them in the last row of the aircraft. Also Read - Important Tips to Remember While High Altitude Hiking in India

The seats in the last row mostly have limited recline, and the proximity to the lavatory and galley is extremely bothersome because of the noises due to people queueing up to use the lavatory. Sometimes, these seats come without windows and to top it all, you get to feel turbulence a bit more toward the back of the plane.

How to avoid the worst seats on a plane

The first thing to do is not use your airline or booking site’s seat map as your only resource while choosing where to sit. Look out for sites such as TripAdvisor that help highlight seats that are particularly desirable for one reason or another; such as extra leg-room or storage space. You must read reviews and look at pictures from previous flyers who’ve had the seats you’re considering.

Once you’ve figured out the seats you want, you can usually select your seat at the time of booking or when you check in. Many airlines sometimes charge extra for the most in-demand seats, while others make you pay for any seat selection at all. In such cases, the question is whether you want to choose comfort or money.