It’s not always possible to fly business class every time we make a trip. The comfort and luxury; the overall experience of flying in business class definitely surpasses the experience of flying a regular economy class. But you can take a few measures to ensure you have the best time even if you are going economy. Here are a few things you can carry if you don’t have the miles or the money for an upgrade.

Noise-blocking headphones

Even though you may physically be seated in economy class, you can mentally transport yourself to a better place through the magic of music, movies, and ever-evolving technology. Noise-cancelling headphones are sure to help you tune out your surroundings.

Hydrating face mask

After a few hours in the aircraft, the skin starts to feel as though all the moisture has been sucked right out of it. Counter the dry skin and give yourself a mini-spa experience with a hydrating face mask. They’re extremely easy to use without posing a trouble to anyone. Just place the mask over your face for 15 minutes, then take it off and discard it, and viola, you have great skin almost instantly.

An inflatable footrest

Yes, such a thing exists! You may not be able to stretch out your legs or lie flat in an economy class, but you can definitely pack an inflatable lightweight cushion in your carry-on. This will support your feet and add a much-needed note of comfort during the trip.

Good-quality snacks 

In-flight food can sometimes be a little difficult to like. We all have varying tastes and preferences when it comes to food, so it’s best to carry some of your own that’ll help you keep up your mood. Carry some fresh fruits like bananas or grapes, a granola bar or two and some wasabi flavoured chickpeas.

Handy eye mask

There’s nothing better than a good nap on a plane, so if you want to have uninterrupted sleep, make sure you’re carrying a nice luxurious eye mask. It will block out all the light and will feel cool and soft when you slip them over your eyes.