If you’re an avid traveller who keeps falling sick on the road, it’s time to rethink your travel essentials. Whether it’s cramped aircrafts or a place that does not have safe drinking water, we’ve got you covered with the items that you must not forget to take with you everywhere you go. Stay healthy by packing a few travel products that can help you feel great.

Hand sanitiser

It is one of the most common yet most essential travel companion. It comes handy when you don’t have access to clean water and soap, before you eat or after using a washroom. Go for the unscented hand sanitiser, that helps moisturise as well as kill germs.

Saline nasal spray

It’s no surprise that the air inside the aircraft often tends to be much drier than the air you breathe on the ground. So, you’re at a risk where your mucous membranes can easily dry out, making it easier for you to pick up germs. Pack a travel-sized saline nasal spray in your carry-on and breathe happy on the plane.

Anti-microbial blanket

Give the oftentimes unwashed airline blankets a miss and carry your own portable travel-sized blanket; preferably one that’s anti-microbial to inhibit bacteria growth.

Water purifier bottle

If you’re headed to a place where there isn’t drinkable water, you must carry a water purifying water bottle that can turn any water into safe drinkable water with the help of a built-in filter that removes parasites and bacteria.

Cell phone sanitiser

Since most phones have more bacteria than a public bathroom toilet seat, especially while travelling, make sure you keep some phone wipes handy to regularly sanitise them.  The gentle cleansers don’t harm the screens, and help keep the germs away.

Compression socks

If you have a long flight and are susceptible to blood clots, that mostly occur when you’re sitting stationary for a long period of time, remember to pack compression socks. They help stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling.