There’s no doubt that we’d all fly first class if we could afford it. We choose to divide our money wisely between airfare, accommodation and experiences in a new place, rather than spend all the money just on business class tickets. However, that is not to say, that one can’t have a VIP airport experience. These are some services you can avail to make the airport experience a whole lot luxurious.

Fast track through security

If you’re travelling with a toddler, paying some extra money to go through the fast track lanes at security seem totally worth it. You just whizz through quickly and get to the other side in no time; a luxury that makes you feel like a first-class flyer.

Airport Lounge

You don’t need to be flying business or first class to get into an airport lounge. Usually, you can pay the stipulated fee and access the luxury or VIP lounge in most of the airports. The reason why they’re worth the money is that they have super comfortable sofas and seating areas; best for a nap if you’ve arrived to the airport way too early. Then depending on the package, there’s hot meals, drinks, free WiFi and lots of reading material for your perusal as well.

Book a Meet and Assist service

India has some of the busiest airports in the world, and booking a Meet and Assist service will help for a quick arrival, a smooth departure, or a successful connection. India Fast Track local greeters add a first-class feel, making sure you have a flawless experience fast-tracking through border controls and other services.

Go duty-free

Always remember, make use of duty-free if you’re flying international. You can get good value for money on most things; ideal for gifting people back home or even for you own use.