Planning a trip to Goa? Or taking an impromptu vacation to Goa? However, you are worried about the budget? Well, you will be surprised by how low-cost your trip to Goa can be, after reading this article. The best thing about Goa is how everything is available for a reasonable rate. Well, then why not make the most of it? So, here’s how you can manage a 3 day trip to Goa in Rs. 3500, all-inclusive!

Let’s consider that you depart on Friday morning and take the return train on Sunday night.



You can either take the Jan Shatabdi Express or LTT Karmali Special from Mumbai. While the former departs from Dadar at 5:25 am, the latter departs LTT at 5:30 am.

Fare for Jan Shatabdi Express: Rs. 270

Fare for LTT Karmali Special: Rs. 230

On reaching Goa, you can hire a bike the next day and spend that evening/night by strolling on the beach. A gearless bike like Activa/Dio will cost around Rs. 300/day.

Total cost for renting a bike for 2 days: Rs. 600

Fuel worth Rs. 200 will be sufficient for the entire trip!

Depending on what time you wish to depart, you can choose your return train from Goa. You can either opt for Matsyagandha Express, which leaves Goa at 19:15 hours (7:15 pm) or Mumbai Express, which leaves Madgaon at 21:50 hours (9:50 pm). The fare for the former is Rs. 415 and for the latter is Rs. 420.

If you want to save money on the return fare as well, you can opt for the Mao Adi Special (Madgaon Ahmedabad Junction), which departs from Goa at 21:00 hours (9:00 pm). The fare for this train (2S) is Rs. 240.

Total cost of traveling: Outward Journey (Rs. 230) + Commuting locally in Goa (Rs. 600) + Return Journey (Rs. 240) + Fuel Costs (Rs. 200)

Total = Rs. 1270



You can opt to stay at a hostel. Roadhouse Hostel, Red Door Hostel and The Hostel Crowd are among the few hostels available at Goa.

Tariff per night (in a dormitory): Rs. 350 to Rs. 500

Therefore, for 2 nights, the Total Tariff will be Rs. 700

Food and Drinks


Total amount spent till now, for travel and accommodation = Rs. 1970

On reaching Goa, you can spend Rs. 200 for dinner at a shack.

For the next day, for breakfast + lunch + dinner, you can spare Rs. 500.

For the 3rd day in Goa, you will need money for breakfast and lunch, which can be managed in Rs. 300.

If you order lunch in the train while traveling to Goa and dinner too while returning to Mumbai, you will spend Rs. 150 approximately for both, outward as well as return journey. (Food served in train is pretty affordable.)

Total amount spent on food: Rs. 1150

Well, considering you will be in Goa, booze is available quite cheap. It’d be better if you buy your booze from a wine shop instead of ordering at a shack. A beer bottle will cost you approximately Rs. 80. If you drink 5 beers through your trip, you will end up spending Rs. 400 for booze. If not, then you can opt for rum, which will cost you Rs. 170 for a quarter. So, you can manage your booze in Rs. 350 approximately (unless you want to get wasted).

Total amount spent on booze: Rs. 350

Total amount spent on the trip: Rs. 3470

Well, so that’s your Goa trip managed in Rs. 3500, which is tried and tested! If you have any doubts about this, feel free to comment!


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