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Savandurga is a hill located near Bengaluru, Karnataka. It is considered to be among the largest monolith hills in Asia. The hill rises to 1226 metre above sea level. It is frequented by families who wish to spend some time together and enjoy their free time. Also Read - Top 6 Road Trips to Take During Monsoons in India

It is also a popular spot for cave explorers and rock climbers. Manchanabele Dam is a great place for water sports. The place is a perfect getaway for busy professionals in Bengaluru who wish to take a break from their work and relax during the weekends. The total distance from Bengaluru to the Savandurga Hill is 50 km. It takes around 1-1.5 hours to complete the journey by car. Also Read - Places to Visit While on a Road Trip in Karnataka

To reach Savandurga from Bengaluru, one has to first take the Grant Road to Vittal Mallya Road in Shanthala Nagar. Then you have to take the Mysore Road which leads to the Savandurga Road in Hanchikuppe. This would be the longest drive in the trip, covering a distance of 46 km in 1 hour.


From here, you take the Savandurga Road which leads to the Savandurga Hill and passes through the Savandurga State Forest on the way. It is a short journey which can be made in 15 minutes, once you are on the Savandurga Road.