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Meghalaya is known for quite a few things – its lush green hills, its heavy rainfall, its gushing waterfalls, its lip-smacking cuisine and its wonderful people. However, what this north-eastern state is most famous for is the living-root bridges. Most Meghalaya photos show the living root bridges to lure in tourists and get peoples excited about the prospect of visiting Meghalaya. Also Read - How to Reach Dawki in Meghalaya by Road, Train And Air

The Khasi and Jaintia people hand-make the living root bridges from the aerial roots of the Rubber fig tree. They can be found all over Meghalaya and some parts of Nagaland. There are two specific living root bridges in Meghalaya that you absolutely must visit. Here are all the details on how to reach them. Also Read - Planning to Visit Meghalaya in August? Read This First!

How to reach single-decker living root bridge in Riwai



Located just near Mawlynnong which is known as Asia’s cleanest village, Riwai is home to the single-decker living root bridge which you often see in photos. It stands in the midst of greenery with a stream flowing right under it. The best way to reach Riwai is to take the route from Shillong to Mawlynnong which is a famous road on account of the growing popularity of Mawlynnong. Riwai is just 1 km from Mawlynnong. It is around 76 km from Shillong and takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes by road. You can reach Shillong by flying to Guwahati and then taking a 3-hour road trip in a private vehicle.

How to reach double-decker living root bridge in Nongriat


This is the big one. Around 12 km (30 minutes by road) from Cherrapunji is the village called Nongriat which is home to the stunning double-decker living root bridge. Once you reach Nongriat, 3000 steep steps winding around a hill and a bit of trekking that involves passing through shaky bridges take you to the beautiful double-decker living root bridges. A little pond by the bridge forms a natural cold Jacuzzi if that kind of thing interests you. The ambiance is so peaceful here that you may not want to go back. You can reach Nongriat from Shillong via Cherrapunji by road. The route takes you through some secluded as well as rough patches. However, most of the route is surrounded by cloud-kissing hillocks and greenery.

So, next time you plan a vacation, pick Meghalaya and visit the marvellous living root bridges which are one of India’s best natural wonders.