Coimbatore is one of the biggest cities of Tamil Nadu and is often referred to as the Manchester of India due to its textile industry. But it’s often just a stepping stone for people travelling to Ooty or Kerala because of the lack of interesting things to do here. However, that doesn’t hold true anymore. Also Read - 'They Deserve Bravery Award': Three TN Women Remove Sarees, Hurl Them In Water To Rescue 2 Youths From Drowning

Adiyogi – The Source of Yoga, located 30 kms  west of Coimbatore, is the largest bust sculpture in the world. The bust is that of Lord Shiva, and attracts lakhs of travellers annually from all across India. Travellers also enjoy visiting other temples and shrines inside Isha Yoga Center including the Dhyanalinga and Linga Bhairavi Devi Temple. Also Read - After Devastating Beirut Blasts, Chennai Authorities Prepare to Move Huge Consignment of Ammonium Nitrate

If you’re one for peace and tranquility, and are a little incline towards spiritual attainment, then this is more than just a click-worthy place. Free yoga processes like the Aum chanting meditation or Isha kriya practices are taught daily, even to those just visiting. The atmosphere around Adiyogi is serene owing to the chanting and offering there every evening. Also Read - Noted Tamil Professor And Theatre Director Pitambarlal Rajani Dies of COVID-19 at 80 in Tamil Nadu

Here are some pictures of the Guinness World Record holding site:

An Incredible Indian destination

Holds the Guinness World Record for Largest Bust Sculpture

Unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Mahashivratri, 24th Feb 2017

Made of 500 tonnes of steel; 112 ft in height

An absolute delight for peace-seekers and photography enthusisats