When you purchase a travel insurance, most of us assume that we are insured for all aspects of the trip. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. A travel insurance coverage is full of holes; the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ tends to apply here. For example, a less expensive insurance package typically includes less comprehensive coverage. Here are some of the things a travel insurance usually doesn’t include.Also Read - 6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hopping on a Long Train Journey

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Just as a pre-existing medical condition isn’t covered by a travel insurance, a routine dental care isn’t coverage either. However, dental trauma in specific circumstances, may be covered depending on the reason for the damage. Also Read - How Travel Goes From Spontaneous to Luxurious As You Age

Losses due to mental or emotional disorders

Unless hospitalisation is required, most travel insurance policies do not cover claims involving mental or emotional disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder.

Pregnancy and childbirth

If you are pregnant and happen to give birth while travelling, the travel insurance will most likely not cover the childbirth expenses. However, you may get coverage for complications associated with pregnancy or childbirth.

Natural Disasters that began before you got the insurance

If you’ve bought a travel insurance after a natural disaster such as a storm or hurricane has been named, you’re unlikely to get coverage due to losses incurred because of that. However, you may be covered if there’s a natural disaster after you’ve purchased the insurance.

Sport and adventure activities 

A lot of travel insurance policies exclude losses due to adventure sports such as bungee jumping, skiing, snowboarding, rafting, caving, sky diving and scuba diving. So, if you’re planning an active vacation, check the terms of your policy before purchasing it.

Security delays or overbooked flights

Most travel insurance policies typically won’t protect you if you miss a flight due to a long airport security line, or if you’re transferred from an overbooked flight and miss a subsequent connection.