Jalandhar is one of the oldest cities in Punjab, primarily a commercial centre with several established industries. Before Chandigarh became the capital of Punjab of independent India, Jalandhar was the glorious capital. There’s a story that every corner of the city has to tell; all you need to do is go with the will to explore.

You could start with Imam Nasir Masjid, an 800-year-old mausoleum enshrining a sacred Dargah that was believed to have been visited by the Sufi Saint Baba Farid. Right next to the Imam Nasir Masjid, is a 400-year-old Jama Masjid – also a marvel to behold. The two mosques are exemplary of the ancient architecture and instantly transport you back in time.

Before Sikhism became prevalent, Hinduism was the reigning religion in the city. And some of the temples reinstating that fact are Tulsi Mandir – dedicated to Vrinda, the wife of the demon Jalandhara; another cave temple dedicated to the goddess Annapurna and plenty of smaller shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Another attraction is the Shaheed-E-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Museum that established in 1981 to mark the 50 years of the freedom fighter’s martyrdom. The museum is located in Khatkar Kalian, the ancestral village of Bhagat Singh. It houses various antiquities that belonged to the freedom fighter; items that were connected to his role in the Indian struggle for independence.

No visit to any city in Punjab can be complete without experiencing the traditional culinary delights. For the most delicious traditional food in Jalandhar, visit Rangla Punjab Haveli restaurant. The restaurant is famous for the its world-class service; and the interiors are fun as they’re made in a typical Punjabi village style. The best time to visit the village is during the weekends when you can enjoy the food accompanied with charming folk music and dance performances.