Located in the foothills of Dalhousie and Kangra Valley, the city of Pathankot in Punjab is the meeting point of three northern states – Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Its natural beauty coupled with the rich cultural heritage of the Rajputs is what makes this is a charming city. Although it’s mainly a stop-over for travellers going to the hills, you can squeeze in a day just to explore this town.

Located around 20km from the city centre, Mukteshwar Temple is where the Pandavas were said to have stayed during their exile. The temple houses a white marble Shivalingam and a copper yoni, and various other idols of Hindu deities such as Brahma, Vishnu, Hanuman, Parvati and Ganesha.

Another must visit attraction is the 10th-century Nurpur fort which was formerly known as the Dhameri Fort. The fort is now in ruins after it was destroyed by the British and then an earthquake in 1905. However, it is said to be the only place in India where both the idols of Lord Krishna and Meera Bai are worshiped together.

If you’re one for picnics, consider spending a little time at the Ranjit Sagar Dam, also known as the Thien Dam. Constructed on the river Ravi, the dam has lush green surrounds and is also known to be the highest gravity dam in Asia.

Shahpur Kandi Fort is another architectural marvel that was built in the 16th-century as a strategic military fort; but serves as a guest house for travellers today. It is located at the banks of river Ravi and offers some amazing views of the city.

Kathgarh Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati is a gorgeous temple located at the confluence of the Beas and Chonch river. The highlight of this temple is its marvellous Roman style architecture.