From having a rich Maratha legacy to being the centre of learning for students from all across the country, Pune has a unique mix of culture and history that is extremely interesting. Whether you want to try good food, party, or get your dose of history, you’re never too old or too young to explore the city. Even if you have just two days in hand, it’s enough to gauge what Pune can offer.

Start your first morning here with a hearty South Indian breakfast at Vaishali on Ferguson College Road. If you’re into bakeries, then head to MG Road for your dose of bakery products and brun maska with omelettes. There’s  Marz-O-Rin and Kayani Bakery, two extremely gorgeous Irani cafe’s where you can stock up on mawa cakes and Shrewsbury biscuits to take back with you. Also stock up on some of those good old Budhani wafers that you will never find anywhere else in the country.

Once, you’re done with breakfast, head to Shaniwar Wada. Built in 1736, under the rule of Bajirao Peshwa I, the fort is a glorifying example of Peshwa rule in Pune. The palace is an architectural marvel with as many as five gates, intricate latticework, carefully crafted wooden pillars and nine bastions that were made for defence purpose.

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For some more history, head to Aga Khan Palace, where Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Gandhi were kept in imprisonment during the Indian Freedom Movement. The palace is now Mahatma National Memorial that showcases photos and paintings on the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

For a nice evening with good food and drinks, head to Koregaon Park. The area is your one-stop for everything you may need; there are tons of heartwarming cafes here serving a myriad of national and international cuisines. Shopping and street art are also a key attraction in this area.

You could begin your day two morning at Koregaon Park again. Have a nice breakfast at German Bakery and then head straight to Osho Ashram on the opposite side of the road. You can buy a one-day pass at the ashram and sign up for a detox session with yoga and meditation. The leafy by-lanes and the calming atmosphere here makes it a must visit.  Have a nice Marathi thali for lunch. For a scrumptious meal, head to J1-जेवण in Shivaji Nagar.

On your last evening here, you can head to Saras Baug for a laid-back sun-downer. With a temple perched inside the park (which you may or may not choose to see), Saras Baug is one of those places where you will find solace. Or you can even drive off to Aundh, and catch a rooftop movie screening under the stars at Lost The Plot.